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  1. True but at the end of the day, he's a striker and we bought him as that. IF he doesn't put the ball into the back of the net regularly, the spotlight will always be on him.
  2. Not buying into that. IF he is really that good, he should be able to work with others and it's not like Villarreal don't have other quality players around him to work with.
  3. Sadly, think that might be the case. Shame. Was hoping that we go for him in the summer.
  4. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11668/7755608/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter 'Arry is going to be in Munich this weekend.
  5. If only Everton can start off a season like how they usually end it, they would be a real major force in the Top 5-6 of the table.
  6. Still not much of a difference.
  7. Jase

    Didier Drogba

    Well by that last post, I meant not paying over 200K for a player's wage.
  8. No doubt about that. We would have won a CL title by now with him in charge!
  9. Exactly. Close to what you mentioned there.
  10. 3 of his 4 PL goals for Arsenal has gotten 5 additional points. Not much but without it, Arsenal would have finished 4th!
  11. Had we beaten Villa, Wigan, Fulham(x 2!), Norwich, Swansea etc, we would have ended up in 4th right now. So, DAMN!
  12. Have it, Messi. I'm nearly half a foot taller than you. I don't care about your footballing skills, I'm taller, so ha!. You're not alone in that cap.
  13. Jase

    Didier Drogba

    Because the club is not going to go OTT in paying the wages for a player.
  14. So, in other words, he can only shine when he's playing with Rossi...
  15. Would be very interesting to see how they go about in the transfer window this summer especially with them back in the Champions League. Pretty sure they will be looking to get a 20-25 goalscoring striker. Only Matri has got into double figures in the goalscoring department in Serie A for them this season.
  16. Nah. They'll be in the Europa League and we'll be in the Champions League. Not sure about Nilmar. Has totally gone off the boil this season. He has had his injury problems but failed to recaptured his form of last season since his return to the side.
  17. Chris Foy is probably a QPR fan. Kept them up in just 2 games!
  18. I'm surprised that he still wants to come here after the way the we treated AVB.
  19. SVEN?! Does anyone think that Roman can lure Hiddink back IF he doesn't appoint RDM??
  20. No. He has never been an injury prone player. It's only this season he picked up a really serious injury in ACL. The other one is on Page 2.
  21. There's already a thread here on Rossi cap. I certainly wouldn't mind having him here even with his injury but suspect that may proved to be a stumbling block for him to move this summer.
  22. Villarreal have been relegated! Tragic.
  23. The Old Lady is back! Unbeaten all season. Invincible. Move on Arsenal...
  24. HA! More rubbish headline from the media. No quotes whatsoever and they turned Barcelona's interest into him being tempted by the switch to Spain instead. Pathetic.
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