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  1. I'm already expecting moanings about our playing style from the Bayern's technical directors/chairmen/board members SHOULD we beat them in the final.
  2. Nothing being confirmed just yet...
  3. Soon enough, the players would have to play with 3 digits on the back of their jerseys...
  4. Here. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/may/11/chelsea-roberto-di-matteo-bayern-munich
  5. He said he will go to Berlin and watch the game.
  6. Dortmund v Bayern: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Kehl, Gündogan - Blaszczykowski, Kagawa, Großkreutz - Lewandowski Benches: Langerak, Santana, Bender, Leitner, Perisic, Götze, Barrios Bayern v Dortmund: Neuer - Lahm, Boateng, Badstuber, Alaba - Gustavo, Schweinsteiger - Robben, Kroos, Ribery - Gomez Benches: Butt, Rafinha, Contento, Tymoshchuk, Pranjic, Müller, Olic;
  7. You don't simply go around and tell people about that. It's related to the team and should be kept under the carpet till matchday.
  8. How about 'HE'S NOT FOR SALE!'?!!
  9. http://sports.yahoo....-180349205.html 400 Bilbao fans mistakenly went to Budapest rather Bucharest for the Europa League final!
  10. Even if fans do that, surely the players won't be telling anything their recovery, availability etc. She even just tweeted that Hutchinson told her that he will be starting tomorrow!
  11. Personally, I can't see how their open attacking football is ever gonna work in the Premier League. Unless we have the perfect type of players like Barcelona, they are never gonna succeed here even if they buy players who is suited to playing that way.
  12. Thanks. Who is that girl anyway? There are too many 'ITK' wannabes out there these days.
  13. #EvaCarneiroForFIFA13 was trending worldwide on Twitter last night.
  14. Congrats to Alan Pardew. A well deserved award but I would have gone for Paul Lambert personally.
  15. Jas

    Juan Mata

    Yup. Just saw that. Think it was the only question that was asked from the 4 I tweeted. EDIT: Wait, make that 2. That explains why two of my questions were favorited on Twitter.
  16. Do we really have a choice?! At least by playing Malouda on the left & Kalou on the right, we will have a proper balanced team for the final. Those two would certainly track back more than Sturridge and Torres both combined. The former has already proved to be ineffective when used on the left and with his defensive deficiencies, it will just leave Cole exposed to Robben. As for Torres, we can all sit down here and say Torres has shown he can track back and work hard for the team but that was when he played upfront. Can we really be assured that he will do that from start to finish from hi
  17. Right now, we need to get first team starters first, not squad players/bench warmer.
  18. IF we are going to splash 30m+ for Higuain, I would rather see us purchasing Falcao. More of all rounder type of striker that will suit our playing style than Higuain.
  19. Are you seriously suggesting Sturridge & Torres to play out wide?!!
  20. That Man United's kit is really a tragic. It can be used a tablecloth or can be turned into Scottish kilts!
  21. Mata on the flanks?! That won't work. It will negate his strengths and defensively, he's not that good which of course will then be a disaster with Bosingwa playing on the same side as well.
  22. That was a one off. Guillem Balague already said Barca don't have the finances to purchase Bale and they're more likely to get Alba and there have been stories on that going on for awhile now. Valencia will demand money but it won't be anywhere near 40m and if they can get decent amount of cash for him, he will be sold to Barcelona as Valencia still have their financial problem. And Alba is a former Barcelona youth product.
  23. Jas

    Juan Mata

    Thanks mate. Missed the first half hour and one of my questions was apparently being asked! Need to see it.
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