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  1. Out of form or not, we can't underestimate anyone from the Bayern's starting XI. Take your eyes of them and they can hurt you.
  2. He was poor at the start of the season because of AVB's insistence to play with a high line and open attacking football that left him exposed. Terry's form was pretty poor earlier too but has gotten back near his best in recent times. Should we be looking to sell him too?!!
  3. Del Piero just scored to put Juventus 2-0 up.
  4. Jas

    David Luiz

    They do. Cahill & Mata have both mentioned about that recently.
  5. Jas

    David Luiz

    You should know Luiz's character by now.
  6. Hutchinson starts. \o/ Lukaku starts. \o/ Turnbull... /o\
  7. Jas

    David Luiz

    It's his style. He calls everyone 'Geezers'.
  8. Think if we are to consider Ivanovic as a world class defender, it should be as a RB, not CB. His recent games there have proved to be something near disaster.
  9. Oops, sorry. Missed KV's post. Selling Cole this summer is just plain suicidal when there's still 1-2 years left in him at the very least. Furthermore, letting him go would just create an unneccesary problem in finding a replacement for him when our main priorities in transfers are on other areas.
  10. Didn't he blast one over in the penalty shootout against Everton in the FA Cup last season??
  11. About the easy to gain and lose weight part.
  12. True. And with the squad slightly stretched because of the suspensions, we might see Malouda, Mikel, Essien, Cole all taking penalties.
  13. I know there's the German thing going on here but hope you're not serious when you said that.
  14. Thinking RDM would surely have the players practice their penalties in training, just in case.
  15. Now why would we sell Cole?
  16. Noticed that too. Could be because of the t-shirt, as you said, or maybe of the fact that he hasn't played 1st team football for awhile now due to his injury.
  17. For a moment, thought it was a thread on the potential defensive problems for the CL final but only to find out it's regarding transfers. I wouldn't bother much about the news TBH. Just some usual BSs written by the media. Nothing concrete whatsoever.
  18. People are slowly hating him for his constant talk with the media on him leaving Lille.
  19. It could be work for us or against us. Best not to take Bayern's result tonight too much into next week.
  20. First time Bayern conceded 5 in a match since April 2009. And this... Sour grape!
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