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  1. McLeish will just be teetering with relegation at Liverpool. Need someone to relegate them altogether & who better to do that than Avram Grant!
  2. Isn't Eto'o currently earning more than 300K p/w at Anzhi or something like that?? He is probably trying to be the highest paid player in history of football!
  3. There goes all the drama. Sad. Just sad. Who's gonna entertain us next?!!
  4. If Bosingwa scores the winner for us this Saturday...
  5. Saturday can't come quick enough. Getting harder to keep the excitement and emotion in check. And seriously, I have no idea what I'm gonna if we win it. Just the thought alone is already killing me! On ther other hand, gonna buy myself loads of tissue box, in case...
  6. Jas


    Silly of them if they think they can win the CL anytime soon.
  7. Jas


    Suspect we may find one or two threads like that in the Arsenal forums.
  8. Less than that apparently. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1006386/redknapp:-demba-ba-available-for-less-than-L7m?cc=4716
  9. I remember 'Arry revealed that Ba has got a release clause in his contract of just 5m.
  10. It was Mark Clattenburg. Any surprises?
  11. No thanks. He's already 29 and is on astronomical wages of 250K p/w at Man City. As KOF pointed out, we need younger players in our squad and getting a DM should be the least of our priorities now. And who could forget this behavior from Toure... Scumbag!
  12. http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2774027,00.html Arnesen gives his views on Bayern ahead of Saturday.
  13. Good points there but it's also important to keep Robben & Ribery quiet out on the flanks. Jose did a good job with Inter in the final two years ago in nullifying them as those two are more than capable of winning games on their own.
  14. We could still make a late decision to register Hutchinson in if needed.
  15. Hulk and Meireles in one team... Imagine the preposterous haircuts they will have together!
  16. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11668/7759154/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Cahill has said he will make it.
  17. One thing good about Hulk is he can sure blast in a free kick like Alex does and possibly, hit it even better.
  18. http://www.weaintgotnohistory.com/2012/5/15/3021398/updates-on-bayern-munchen Updates on the Bayern Munich team.
  19. http://www.uefa.com/printoutfiles/competitions/ucl/2012/E/E_2007692_pk.pdf Scroll down to Page 12 and see our full CL squad list.
  20. WHS has already posted the rules and some of the younger lads are already registered in the B-List.
  21. But those fellas that run English football are too afraid to change things.
  22. Neil Barnet did say that there are only 18 A-registered players available(including Malouda) and that means it will just nice for the starting XI and bench on Saturday. IF somebody misses it(touch wood), then RDM will just put the youngsters from the B-List into the matchday squad. And no. Josh is not registered and can't see him making it either.
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