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  1. "According to the report, the Champions League winners will let Inter choose between other players who can potentially be included in the deal: Davide Zappacosta, Mateo Kovacic and Tammy Abraham." Kovacic?
  2. Jas

    5. Jorginho

    The 2009/10 team wasn't exactly defensively solid and Alex spent half of that season being injured - https://www.transfermarkt.com/alex/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/15420/plus/0?saison=2009&verein=&liga=&wettbewerb=&pos=&trainer_id=.
  3. Jas

    5. Jorginho

    The back-to-back title winning team? No. The double winning side or current side? Debatable.
  4. 115 million euros for Haaland? ABC Deportes?
  5. Chilwell not even on the bench! #SouthgateOUT
  6. To be fair, that was the first game of the season and it was at Old Trafford. He might have a point, especially when you consider Lampard left Mount on the bench in the next game against Liverpool in the Super Cup. Having said that, Mourinho was saying that as someone looking in from the outside and we also know that he isn't exactly a pioneer for youth either.
  7. I saw your initial reply before you edited it. All jokes aside, am I really wrong to say Mourinho would have used Mount the way he used Oscar? Part of the reason why Mount has been used by most managers is because of his tactical discipline and versatility, which wasn't different to what Oscar was. Although, as self-driven as Mount is, it's debatable whether this current Mourinho would have been able to improve and make him a better player compared to say someone like Tuchel.
  8. Given the group stage format, if England don't qualify, Southgate should be sacked on the spot and all those players should never play for the country again.
  9. This is a good piece by Emma Hayes... Why England should play two holding midfielders at Euro 2020 https://theathletic.com/2643383/2021/06/12/emma-hayes-why-england-should-play-two-holding-midfielders-at-euro-2020/ Indulge me for a moment. There is a way England could squeeze all their best creative influencers into the same line-up at Euro 2020 and, on paper at least, it is a mouth-watering prospect. They can have Phil Foden, such a wonderful talent with the world at his feet, as that “inner-corridor” player drifting in off the left into the half-space as he does at Manche
  10. Yes, we can point to individual mistakes but at the same time, Lampard's carefree tactical approach didn't help matters. Players' shortcomings were left exposed on a weekly basis and they eventually lost confidence, especially when results started to go south and that spiraled out of control. Tuchel came in, implemented a solid system with clear tactical instructions and one that hides the players' shortcoming as much as possible and lets them shine with their strengths. He has also got more out of them mentally and emotionally as well.
  11. The ironic thing with Rudiger is most of us were glad that Lampard wanted to push him out and sell him last summer but now want him to stay because of his turnaround under Tuchel. Could point to Lampard being a bad coach/Tuchel being a good coach etc but yeah, hindsight is 20/20 and all that.
  12. Yes, I saw this the other day but my second point above still stands. Inter have 9 players at the Euros, Arsenal have 4 and Everton have only 3. We have 17, more than anyone else! The Athletic's Simon Johnson has mentioned that the players will be given 3 weeks off whenever their Euros is over.
  13. What happened to giving the benefit of the doubt to the attacking team on a close offside call!?
  14. Fichajes is a shit source...
  15. I don't necessarily disagree with your reasoning but it's no guarantee Abraham will be successful there. I mean for example, Immobile went to Dortmund and couldn't hack it in the Bundesliga but was/is prolific in Serie A. Even though Abraham may know where the goal is, his overall game can leave a lot to be desired. It's arguably the reason why Tuchel has not fancied him and it's probably not lost on Dortmund either. Plus financially, it also doesn't make sense for them as mentioned earlier.
  16. What makes you have that assumption/belief?
  17. He would be what Oscar was to Mourinho.
  18. How did we get into a situation with so many of our defenders are left with only 1-2 years on their contract!?
  19. 100 million is not that much of a difference from what they will receive next year when Haaland's release clause, is it? Also makes no sense for them to accept 100 million + Abraham when they can go get another a striker for a cheaper price (e.g. Andre Silva) than what we value Abraham if they receive 150 million+.
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