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    Jeffrey Bruma

    I hated how everyone write him off after one bad game for Chelsea and an average season for Liciester. Just look at the beginning of this thread. Even now I know many people who dont rate him for no reason even though he's doing very well on loan. Sigh
  2. In 5 or so years..hopefully: Courtois Hutchinson Luiz Kalas/Chalobah Bertrand Ramires/McEachran Romeu Sturridge Mata Hazard Lukaku OR Courtois Hutch Chalobah Kalas Bertrand Ramires/McEachran Romeu Luiz/de Bruyne Sturridge Lukaku Mata In the meanwhile I'd like to try this team. Barce style: Cech Ivan Luiz Kalas Bertrand Meireles Romeu McEachran Sturridge Mata Kakuta
  3. ja1

    Sam Hutchinson

    Should have started vs Portsmouth I have said this on the Bertrand thread but it would be great if we could have him and Ryan as our two full backs in the future. Two English, homegrown, academy graduates who can cross and defend. Sadly it looks like we'll balls it up with Bertrand and not sure if Hutchinson can still make a come back all the way to the first team. Still crossing fingers!
  4. Should have started vs Portsmouth
  5. Sigh..we could easily have a future full-back duo of two homegrown, English academy graduates who can actually cross the ball, and defend. But we're Chelsea and we'll balls it up although with Hutch I can understand why he might not make it. But seriously this is just embarrassing for Bertrand. I'm on my phone and can't be bothered righting out a full story on why Bertrand should be given a chance so here's the bullet points: • Cole has not been good this season • Cole is 31 and declining • Bertrand is young and impressing in all his appearances • Bertrand could have easily rejected that 4 yea
  6. know many people want McEachran and Lukaku (if they could) to go on loan to PL clubs in January, but there's another one who I also think should go on loan - Bertrand. Not that I think he actually needs to. Certainly less a need than the other two. But I think it would be better in the long-run if he did... I'm seeing a similar situation to Sturridge in the first-half of last season. In all Bertrand's appearances he's impressed to a degree and he also did well in pre-season. Playing in reserves he's also clearly to good, (this was also the same with Sturridge last year, remember the 4 goals ag
  7. Bet yuo are now Only Blue And Kalas is doing great at Vitesse
  8. I do think Piazon is hyped quite alot by the general mass of Chelsea fans, I personally don't think he's any better currently/has any better potential than Chalobah (though that is definately not a bad thing) but he has all the makings to be a to player. It's just that on most forums/on youtube because he's scored in both games everyone praises him and say's he's ready for the first team when in the actual games there were other players better than him, and against Arsenal it's clear he needs to improve physically. However I am still a fan, he's smart on the bal and has adapted quickly.
  9. sever has the right starting line-up but poor bench.
  10. Cech Ivanovic Terry Luiz Bertrand Lampard Romeu/Mikel McEachran Sturridge Torres Mata
  11. This group of players are talented and virtually all the players Chalobah mentioned have the potential to be great
  12. Courtois/Blackman Montoya Luiz Kalas Bertrand McEachran Romeu Sturridge Mata Hazard Lukaku
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