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  1. The amount of hype and expectation on this guy, sometimes I feel sorry for him. He makes three cross field passes with no pressure on him in a half and Chelsea Twitter once again explodes with hyperbolic praise and sweeping statements. I don’t think there’s any other footballer out there his age with so much hysteria around him. I know they’re fans who are supporting him, but Christ. 

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  2. Another fantastic performance from him. Type of performance that encapsulates his growth in character and application - best player on the pitch, instigating moves, really bringing the game to Everton on that right hand side. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, OhForAGreavsie said:

    Since Reece's youth team days a lot of fans have been saying that he would one day be captain of this club. Insiders like Jody Morris have apparently been thinking it for longer than that. I was among those fans but I now have doubts. There is no doubt about Reece's on pitch leadership, he demonstrated it beyond dispute while leading the U18s to quadruple glory in 2017/18. Like all players Reece can show that kind of leadership with or without the armband but captaining a Premier League club carries other responsibilities. Responsibilities Reece is not ready for.

    For example, Reece is very uncomfortable with media duties. In front of a TV camera he goes into his shell and can barely get a word out. Being club captain is about representing, championing and defending club and squad off the pitch as well as on it. Reece is nowhere ready for the off field stuff yet. He may or he may not ever get there but as long as he's contributing on the pitch that's probably all you, me, or any Chels fan will care about.

    A fair observation. 

  4. Echo everyone else’s thoughts about his improvement. Some different reflections on RJ, so the post will be a bit random but...


    - discussed before how maybe one of the major things lacking from him last season was that bit of assertiveness, aggression and positivity in his play. At the very start of this season I was starting to concede that, if this guy is truly so nonchalant in his play then midfield might be best for him. Well, he definitely has developed/is showing that side to his game this season. In his play on the ball, in his interactions off the ball, hell even the way he’s using social media. 


    In several interviews, from the former youth players and RJ himself, he’s consistently described as loud on the pitch, if quiet off it. Didn’t see that last season but definitely see it this season.


    - I wonder if Lampard deserves a bit of credit as I suspect he planned from before the season started that RJ would be undisputed first choice. For most fans I think we were expecting another season of rotation at RB between Azpi and James. But from the very start it was clear RJ was first choice. Perhaps this has helped him develop that extra assurance and confidence in his play and persons this season 


    - I think about at the start of last season I briefly suggested that maybe this guy would be a good choice for captain, during the time there was a lot of debate about who should be captain. Looking back that definitely would have been too early but this season I’m starting to warm to the idea again..


    - I have a slight suspicion that RJ hits crosses in such a way that maybe it is harder than we give credit for for the recipient to score? I’m equally frustrated that so many of his chances seem to get spurred. It has actually been a thing since his Wigan days - RJ creating loads of chances and his teammates not finishing them off.


    but maybe..I wonder if RJ’s style of crossing. Which can be mixed but he does like a hard, fast cross straight to the player. Makes it harder than given credit for for the player to finish. I think that style increases likelihood of a successful cross in that it reaches the player but maybe harder for them to score. I dunno, just a random thesis I have 😅 


    - also..does anyone have a video/gif of another RJ moment in the Leeds match. There was a throw in on his side of the pitch and he kind of just ushers Jack Harrison off the pitch like a bouncer lol. Harrison had the same reaction as Bamford where it’s like ‘what can I do, the guys a brick house’

  5. The article fails to address at all that actually one of the biggest reasons CHO isn’t playing more is his lack of quality in his appearances so far this season. If he performed better i’m sure he would’ve played more. The fact he hasn’t played more, when he’s one of the few wide options in our squad, with Ziyech and Pulisic injured for a while, speaks more volumes. The situation provides him an ideal situation to start for us regularly if he proved it. Thus far he hasn’t shown it yet. Perhaps in the future.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, DDA said:

    70 million. Thats how much Byern value his potential. That should ring alarm bells to all those who want to sell him. Byern rarely get things wrong.

    This is an odd way of thinking. Why not just appraise what you want of CHO independently of big club rumours. This same principle could apply to that Inter Milan were linked with Emerson, Barce and Madrid a few seasons ago linked with Alonso. It hardly changes my opinion of the player.


    Regardless, players like Renato Sanches, Arp, Odriozola and Cuisance just in the last few years discount the already illogical myth that Bayern ‘never get it wrong’ with young talent. Or that a young talent can go to Bayern and somehow is therefore destined to be world class. They’ve just spent £80m on Luis Hernandez for him to be a back-up (at best) LB, third choice (at best) CB. They’re a well run club, but not some infallible work of nature. If they’re offering £70m for CHO I think we are the winners in that. If we offered £70m for a 19 year old winger who just has not shown any consistent top-level quality in his senior career I would be against the move 🤷🏿‍♂️


    Edit: I guess the £70m fee makes good headlines but thinking about the nuance of the deal it is actually smart move if Bayern for it (and not great for us). As others have implied, if he actually performs then they get a good player for £70m. If he doesn’t no issue, he just comes back to us. So it is just a low risk gamble. So to maybe change the final analogy in the above comment I wouldn’t mind if we got some random young talent on a loan to buy offer for £70m. As it is low risk. But I still don’t agree with the train of thought that because Bayern are interested, that means CHO is good. I’ll think he’s good when he starts showing consistent high level performances for us!

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  7. 2 hours ago, Magic Lamps said:

    Even his offensive actions are overrated 

    Oh I have said this for a long while. Most have woken up to him but still a bit of a myth that he’s a ‘great LWB just a terrible LB’ or ‘he’s great going forwards, it’s just his defence’. 


    Some of the arguments I’ve had about this guy other the years..when I first piped up about how overrated I thought he was in Conte’s second season or maybe even towards the end of his first season, some of the replies would make you laugh.

  8. He did very well for the goal. I don’t know if I’m being harsh or maybe being more objective vs the many CHO fans on Twitter but I wasn’t too impressed otherwise. He was very predictable in basically everything he did (as said, other than the goal).

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  9. Great game. He has acclimatised to top-level football very quickly and it has surprised me a bit. He was good at youth level of course but so was, for example, Dujon Sterling. I definitely wouldn’t have predicted this impact going on loan to PL straight away. But it vindicates his decision to leave even more.


    he’s genuinely a good dribbler. He does everything quickly and positively. Even appears to have good delivery. Let’s see how he does over the season but I think he’s looking like he could be just as big a talent as RJ and AWB. 


    Two thoughts - I wonder whether he’ll represent Ghana going forward with the almost ridiculous depth England have at RB. He has shown he isn’t afraid to seek out playing time. And at 5”5 i wonder whether PL managers would trust him as a full back in a back four. Brighton playing 5 at the back with him.

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  10. 9 hours ago, kellzfresh said:

    He just has this lack of Urgency about him that I don't like. Just like RLC, no energy. Fullbacks should be energetic, that's the strongest quality for a fullback.

    Big fan of James but yes I think this type of urgency, assertiveness and progression is what he needs to go to the next level. Lamptey was a perfect example today where he of course has talent but also just does everything quickly. I know it sounds kinda ambiguous / general but I think it’s what separates best attacking full backs from ok ones. Robertson is a good example of someone who does it well. Emerson lacked this as well even though he did have some ability.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    fine with me as well

    loan him to the sheep shaggers in Swansea

    Lol 😂 wasn’t expecting that. But yeah any top or even mid-level Championship side 

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  12. 3 hours ago, Vesper said:

    loan to an EPL club where he gets a lot of playing time

    I would be happy with him going and consolidating his game in the Championship. It’s the same type of loan I’ve been suggesting for him for the last 18 months lol (I think he should have got a loan like this as early as Jan 2018).


    Mount, Tomori, Abraham, James, and now Gallagher have all had a lot of success for their development, going to the Championship and playing regularly, I don’t see why Ampadu can’t follow suit. He is 20 this season, barely made 10 league appearances. He is of course still young but another season where he barely plays will be detrimental. Just give him a low risk loan (that, as said, clearly works) in Championship, a 3000-4000 minute season where he will actually play regularly. 


    I get this type of regular gametime *could*happen with a Premier League loan. And if it did it is pretty much ideal for us and for Ampadu. But even for promoted teams it is just low probability he gets regular PL gametime I feel. It is rare for such an inexperienced player, especially on loan, to just get into a top team like that. I know it does happen (eg. AC at Mochengladbach) but given Ampadu has already had that type of aggressive loan at Leipzig which didn’t work (seriously baffles me anyone expected it to but that’s a different story) let’s just chill with him, and let him settle his game in the Championship.

  13. 1 hour ago, Special Juan said:
    Bristol City are interested in Ethan Ampadu, according to Bristol Live. The Chelsea defensive midfielder has been on loan at RB Leipzig, but has played just twice in the Bundesliga. #BCFC #CFC #RBL

    A far more appropriate loan then sending him to the Bundesliga title challengers..who would’ve guessed it 🙄

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  14. 47 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Taking stats after 4 games and using them is reaching though.

    Emerson has shown a lot good and bad this season. Same lasy season and he never got going under Conte. His inconsistency will hold him back from ever being more than just a good player. 

    Hes not a kid either. Hes 25. He should be a lot more consistent, a lot more dependable but hes not.

    I was just using it to back up that objectively Emerson was good at the start of the season, by all accounts, subjective opinion and objective stats, as it seems to be getting rewritten. I’m aware 4 good games isn’t significant in the grand scheme of things but then equally no reason to start playing it down! 


    Hes 25 but still made less than 200 appearances, very unusual. Which is part of the reason why I go on about him having potential as he matures as a player, he does have vast room to improve.

  15. 47 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Against Liverpool he came from the bench when we were already down. Against Burnley he came off after 63 minutes when result was 0:4. We conceded two goals later! And I'm speaking only about PL. No I don't want Alonso to be our first LB but in front of Emerson? Yes. 

    Sorry my bad on that, misreading the stats. I’d still argue very much against a fallacy of ‘he played in this win, that’s why he’s better’ but it’s cool..there’s not much between them and no use debating the minutiae vs each 

  16. 6 minutes ago, Tomo said:

    It was a pretty good run for his standards but we still conceded 4 goals down his side and looked vulnerable down there throughout.

    I personally believe if he was deputising a prime Ash we'd be praying hard Ash never got injured, the desperation to see Alonso replaced has turned him into something he's not.

    Hopefully the new LB can give us what we are hoping for (permanently making Marcos 2nd choice at best) and more.

    I’ve lost faith in Emerson but he was literally statistically one of the best LBs in the league the first four games and many people had him as our best player at the start of the season. 

  17. 1 hour ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Alonso is better option than Emerson regardless the opponent or formation. With him in back four we beat City last season at home 2:0. He scored and assisted many goals for Conte but also for Sarri. Even this season in less than a 600 minutes he has 1 goal and 3 assists. Not to mention with him in the squad we have 100% of wins but without him just 4 in 13. 

    Bit random logic. With Alonso in the team we also lost to City 6-0 and he was culpable for at least two of the goals. He has been subbed off early this season three times for poor performances (Liverpool, Burnley and Ajax). Not sure why he’s turning into something he’s not.

  18. I’ve backed him and I still think there is a good LB in him. He’ll get back to his best/reach his potential at some point in his career. However I don’t want it to be upto us to get that out of him, to either wait for him to build his confidence up and also have an injury free period. When he isn’t good he’s anonymous.


    i will also say though I think he has been scapegoated heavily for the goal today (on Twitter). I think that goal was coming as soon as the first header was won for any team in the world / any defender in Emerson’s position. 

  19. 15 hours ago, killer1257 said:

    I don't know how many times you watched him play, but he never plays as a Target man and he played it for Germany and was horrible and that is why he plays as a winger for the German National Team. Even Gnabry plays Target man because Werner just does not cut it. He is too weak and not the most technicaly gifted striker.

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk

    This is quite interesting, you’re right. Werner has played his whole top flight career in a two up top with Poulsen, essentially. Poulsen in some respects shares Tammy’s unique qualities, in that he’s tall and strong but also very mobile, pacy and hard working. From what I’ve seem/know it seems Poulsen can link up more naturally than Tammy but is less of a goalscorer. Tammy is naturally more of a goalscorer but the link up is something he has worked on/still working on. In either case I think both work hard on improving the deficiencies in their game. 


    Anyway, just saying this as if Werner came in, it could well be worth considering him and Tammy up front together. 

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