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  1. 8 hours ago, Jason said:

    Different situation. Keita has been injury prone ever since he joined from RB Leipzig while Ndombele had fitness issues when he went to Spurs. That's why the former hasn't been playing much while the latter wasn't playing much initially, even under Pochettino. 

    Our main issue isn't even about the name or price tag of the players. It's the fact that Lampard has no idea what he wants to do, especially after having so many options all of a sudden. He has no real style of play, no identity and no clear tactical idea. That is why his selection has been all over the place and our performances have gone south over the last month or so. Moreover, some of the players you indirectly mentioned are his signings and given Roman paid a lot for them, then Lampard is trying to play them together.

    I don't think injury is the problem with keita. Keita can do stuff that no one in pool midfield can do except thiago now but it is imperative for that midfield to press and win ball and he can't do that. 

    Ndombele last year pretty much didn't cover enough ground to play for Mou. Mou pretty much criticized him publicly so many times.

     "Moreover, some of the players you indirectly mentioned are his signings and given Roman paid a lot for them, then Lampard is trying to play them together" 

    This is a problem. We have played, i don't know over 20 games now, you know what you will get from each player till the end of the season, it is pretty clear. 

    Right now lots of people is criticizing lamp for not utilizing his player properly especially Werner . IMO, what he is doing right now is forcing Werner Pulisic ziyech and Havertz to work. Will it eventually work? Maybe if they get better but right now it is clear how it is not working. Just pick combination that clearly works and bench the other, you can always rotate.

    Btw before people will say with better manager it will work, hmm, take griezman, Atletico star man, France star man, a fantastic player but it was freaking obvious he won't work in Barca, two seasons, 3 different managers, still not working. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Jason said:

    Problem is if things don't improve soon, if we don't start picking up wins again and we fall further behind the Top 4, there's every chance that Roman will just sack Lampard. There's no way we should be struggling to finish in the Top 4 after having spent all that money in the summer and I don't think the club can afford us not finishing in the Top 4 from a financial perspective, especially during this pandemic. Lampard looks to be out of his depth at this moment and Roman has sacked such managers midway through a season before. If Lampard somehow survives more bad results in the upcoming games, then we're gonna need to go on a crazy winning run plus others to choke for us to finish in the Top 4.

    Long story short, if Roman and the board are already unhappy with how things are going, what makes you think Roman won't pull the trigger now if things continue to go south? It's not like he doesn't have a history of doing so.

    By the way, we are currently only 3 points from the Top 4 but Spurs, who are in 4th, have a game in hand while City, who are 5th, have two games in hand. As if they weren't enough of a worry, there are still Leicester, Southampton, Everton and Villa between us and the Top 4. 

    We have to see how we play in the next couple of games I guess.

    I honestly want Lamp to forget the name and the pricetag. We don't have untouchable in our team, no superstar. He need to decide what he want from each position and just play accordingly. No more can Werner play on the left or center, puli left or right, should cho play, bla2. Be ruthless, pool has 60 m role player in keita, ndombele barely played last season for Mou. 

  3. Just now, Jason said:

    It gives the manager some credit but it won't matter at all if the person is failing his job at the present time. Otherwise, we wouldn't have sacked Mourinho in 2015 when he was having us hovering above the relegation zone and would have kept him instead because of the success he brought to the club. But we didn't because he failed his job back then. It's the same elsewhere as well. 

    I vividly remembered with Mou case, Bruce Buck said something of if we were in midtable  we probably won't sack mou, but we were in relegation zone which was unacceptable. 

    This season if we don't get top 4, Lamp probably will get sack in the end but I don't think we will sack him in season unless we are dropping into low table position because right now we are only 6 points away from top 4.


  4. 15 hours ago, Fernando said:

    That's what people thought of Salah and DeBruyne. 

    Got to give time men. 

    You are so impatient with the young guns. 

    I think with Salah case, if he stay with us he will never be successful, he made brilliant decision moving to Fiorentina. 

    KDB case was simply Mourinho was being stupid. 

    I am still on the fence with Havertz. 

  5. 9 hours ago, Jason said:


    Just because Solskjaer has turned things around now, it doesn't mean he's the right manager for the long term at Man United. For all we know, United could easily go through their up-and-down period soon again. As for Arteta, he didn't spend 200 million+ on players in the transfer market and Arsenal's expectations are completely different to our expectations. We have different standards than them. And just because they have turned things around, it doesn't mean Lampard will do so here. 

    If people think Lampard deserves to stay, fine but give us good reasons why do you think he should stay. If the best answer people can come up with is by comparing him with other managers, then that says it all because that is dependent on blind hope and not actual confidence that he will turn things around. No one has been able to argue why Lampard deserves to stay by debating the concerns that fans have about him. People are just putting blind faith into him. 

    And also, if people are gonna say Lampard will turn things around because Solskjaer did this and Arteta did that, then one could easily point out that Roman has sacked out of depth managers midway through a season in the past and those decisions have proven right based on how those managers' career went after that - Scolari, AVB, Di Matteo etc - and what we achieved subsequently.

    I think the only reason he should be given chances is because what he did last season, yes we should always look to the future but what have you done in the past will always carry some weight. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Superblue_1986 said:


    The biggest concern for me is as this run has gone on, some of the defensive problems we had last year have come back into our game. As our attack has become almost non-existent we've completely lost our shape too with it, which came to a head against City. That third goal would be comical if it wasn't us suffering it. The City game was set up to sit a little deeper, win the ball around our box and hit the ball early over the top of their high line for Werner and Pulisic to chase. I was sure given the line up, this would be the tactic used. It was baffling to see us try and press and engage high up the pitch, it plays right into their hands and once beating the first press, the defence had no protection whatsoever, a common trend last season.

    Actually our defensive problem last season was completely different than this season. Last year it was very2 obvious we had personel problem at gk. Alonso was also too slow for a fb, we pretty much fixed those two. 

    This season, our defensive problem occuredmostly against good teams and the problem is pretty obvious. Offensively, as long as Ziyech is fit and healthy we should be fine and Lamp need to stop with puli + Werner combo, way too direct. 

  7. 5 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Stop with this non sense that he is defensive midfielder. He played same position last season or before in Derby. Sometimes AM (Spurs Cup game - his worst game) or winger. Number 8 is the position KDB and David Silva played for City. And according to Sofa Score he created 6 big chances this season. Assuming majority from corners. 

    And this is his heat map:



    Funny your heatmap show that he play as defensive cm,  and if you think he play the same role as silva n kdb then i highly suggest you watch recording of city game. 

    Old city play with two no 10,kinda like how we played last year after the break with Mount and Barkley, this year we play more like pool, two cm more conservative, two wb more aggressive. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Blue Armour said:

    Depends. But you have to remember that you are still talking about a 21 year old player who is nowhere near the finished article. The players ranked above him are far more experienced, including Grealish.

    Is it good enough for Chelsea, which already has a lightweight attacking midfield? Probably not.

    But for Mason Mount, I think its good enough at this stage of his career.

    Its not Mount's fault that we pinned all our hopes on Havertz getting up to speed quickly, and loaned out our only 2 experienced attacking midfielders in Barkley and RLC.



    Mason mount created that many chances playing as defensive cm, of course that number is good. 

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  9. 13 hours ago, Tomo said:

    Out of these two options what would you prefer at Fulham? Another drab performance but we win 1-0 through an Oli header or we draw 2-2 but play excellently going forward, create a lot and lose two points due to wastefulness in front of goal and/or a heroic performance by Areola?

    I genuinely think i'd prefer the latter, we need a performance to give us hope going forward even if dropped points accompany it.

    Not both, if we create many chances but we also concede many against Fulham then it is not a progress. 

  10. So how do you translate player performance from their previous club, it is simple, play him in almost similar role preferably the same role. Werner was great for leipzig as 2nd striker where he was free to move around and run behind. Havertz was playing mostly false 9 last season but he can't play false 9 in epl, he simply doesn't have the physical attributes nor the tenacity to play there, so what is the closest to false 9, number 10. So both need a to play off a no 9 like tammy/Giroud. 


    Werner - Havertz 

    You can force Pulisic in and sort of play 

    Tammy - Werner 

    Pulisic - Havertz 

    Similar to what pellegrini used to do with city. 

    This formation looks good and fun, but Pulisic and Werner and turnover machine, their game are very2 direct, with such offensive lineup you need to keep the ball a lot in order to keep being countered. So this is not a suitable. 

    So realisticaly


    Werner - Havertz

    are your attacker if you want to get the best out of Werner and Havertz. With this Werner and Havertz are free to float around while being supported by good base behind them.  

    Of course, the biggest problem of that lineup is that we have puli, Ziyech. So it is almost Werner/puli, Havertz /Ziyech which is the problem that Lamp is having. So what Lamp did was played Havertz deeper, which is fine but it doesn't get the best out of him. 

    This is the biggest problem of Werner and Havertz signing, they look very2 good on paper but I am not sure they are a natural fit with this team. 

  11. 7 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Yes he does, very often. Sometimes winger but Mount also played many games as winger. What about Maddison, is he not a midfielder as well? 

    And btw Gundogan 5 goals this season, Mount and Kovacic our starting number 8s have 1 together. 

    Truth being told, our midfield is not in top10 in the league and offers zero attacking threat. And is our biggest problem in terms of squad imo. 

    Gundogan has scored more this season, but he usually only score 1 goal per season because he played behind sterling. It looks like pep change his setup for this season.

    If you want to compare stat it got to be player who play similar role otherwise they are bs comparison. 

  12. 3 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Foden is great final 3rd midfielder. 

    Already 6 goals and 5 assists this season. Compere that to our midfielders. 

    Foden doesn't play midfield. 

    It is absolutely bizzare how people compare player, you want to compare number compare our midfield to gundogan. 

  13. Chilwell was ok

    Azpi didn't play well but when the two guy in front of you didn't want to defend **** happen 

    Zouma looked absolutely lost

    Silva looked petrified against pace. 

    Mendy should have saved gundogan shot and maybe foden shot. 

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  14. Lots of bad performance:

    Werner, he can't drift everywhere. Him and Pulisic pretty much want to play in the same area. 

    Pulisic, last year with Willian as rw he coud just attack2 and attack, be aggressive,it didn't matter if he lose the ball. Defensively, He could also track back sparingly, now he need to do more defensively. 

    Ziyech, unless you are messi, run back. We can't defend with 7 players against city

    Kovacic, I don't see him tracking and running till late in game. 

    Mount, looks overwhelmed, see above

    Kante, awful on the ball, but need help defensively, we are playing city for godsake.

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  15. What was the plan? To play in transition, what is the most important thing in playing in transition? To freaking defend, get the ball and then attack. If we can't freaking defend all this transition are bs. 

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  16. Just now, DDA said:

    I get what you're saying but look at Bruno Fernandes and how his performances  have changed United. 

    Mason can't do that... none of them can. 


    It is a bizarre argument. Mount is being tasked to played as defensive cm and you compare him to player who is given freedom to do anything he want

  17. 3 minutes ago, !Hazard! said:

    Some were saying Lampard was just reaping the benefits of Sarri's work for first few months. Looks like that was actually true

    Nah, we played city much better than this twice last yea. They also played false 9.

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