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  1. Did no one bother to ask Tuchel for an injury update? Specifically if Kova and Christensen are fit for tomorrow?
  2. Where are those players though? The players listed above have been amongst the best of their generation. They're few and far between. Realistically you have Kane and Haaland at present, debateable to include Lukaku too and then after that it's really a punt on someone far less proven.
  3. I don't think you necessarily need a player at the top of the goal charts. Don't get me wrong, I'd happily put a Harry Kane in this team. However there is sometimes a worry that the team becomes over reliant on that one player for the source of goals. City have shown how easy it can be this season without one recognised goal scorer but instead a threat of 5 or 6 getting around double figures. I would expect all of the attacking players to increase their goal output next season. We don't necessarily need one player carrying the bulk, but we do need the entire attacking unit to step up.
  4. We attracted Kante to the club after finishing 10th. I don't believe after the season he had just had with Leicester and the meteoric rise he was experiencing, with around a £30m release clause, that no other top clubs were interested in him.
  5. Agreed. I'm not old enough for those days, but I do remember the early to mid 90's when staying in the top division was a big achievement. I don't see a season out of the Champions League being something that will be significantly damaging to us. With the relaxation or even scrapping of FFP, the Champions League finances shouldn't affect our transfer activity and all simply boils down to how much Roman wants to push things along. Similarly with the attraction of the Champions League for signing players. I think there is perhaps one potential target that this would affect and it's Haa
  6. As "must win" as this game appears, the biggest thing we have to make sure is if the game isn't going our way we don't lose our heads or push too hard to leave ourselves perfectly open to being countered and beaten late on. Whilst a draw takes things out of our hands, it still gives us a chance going into the final day, especially if Spurs are pushing for 6th place and the Europa League there is every possibility they can take points off Leicester. Ultimately though we are more than capable of winning this game. For how poor we were on Saturday, Leicester were no better than us and i
  7. Will he have those options though? The likelihood is the only other possibilities for him would be United, City and PSG. United have just resigned Cavani, and I think will want Greenwood to play a more prominent role as the centre forward next season. There priority I think will be Sancho. I'm not sure if City would move for Kane. They've made an effort in the past to not go crazy high with their transfer fees and the way Pep has been talking recently suggests they may not buy a striker. PSG could be the most realistic option and probably Spurs favoured one if they sell bu
  8. Ironically thought James was the only player to come out the game with any real credit.
  9. Fair play to them but I think it was more about our own inefficiencies today. Against Arsenal we created more than enough chances, today just simply wasn't good enough. Leicester didn't really need to defend well because we gave them barely anything to defend against.
  10. Pretty awful showing. Did it seem though that the pitch was slow? The ball movement, even players like Werner and Vardy running all looked in slow motion. Trying to press them high looked a real chore today.
  11. Leicester look like they're going 3 at the back, have they played that system much before?
  12. Neither Christensen or Kova on the bench, hopefully ready soon as they're needed in the final 3 games.
  13. I'd be surprised if Kova and Christensen started today. More likely to be on the bench, and then play in midweek. With that in mind, think it'll be: Kepa Azpi, Silva, Rudiger James, Jorginho, Kante, Chilwell Mount, Werner, Havertz
  14. The problem is beyond the first couple of options such as Kane and Haaland, in my opinion the drop off in striking options is alarming. With that in mind maybe Tuchel continues to look at developing us without a focal point striker and instead just a fluid front 3 who have licence to change and rotate positions. I think we need another player. Whether it's an out and out striker, or another attacking option because I think Giroud and Tammy will both leave this summer.
  15. I don't agree with Giroud. He's been a great signing overall in my opinion and he came up clutch alongside Pulisic in the run in last season. But against Arsenal highlighted that Giroud doesn't suit Tuchel's style. He's just not mobile enough to drift and drag players out of spaces. Those front 3 need to be fluent for this system to work. Whilst Havertz hadn't had the best of games against Arsenal, we looked significantly worse when Giroud came on and lost any momentum that we had pinning Arsenal in. Tammy I think falls into the same category not due to his lack of mobility but his a
  16. We attempt mission impossible with Kane.
  17. If we ended up in it, we'd rotate and play fringe players in it and should still have enough to make at least the quarters or semi's, at which point it could then become a bigger priority. I believe though between the two chances we have, one will be taken for Champions League football next season.
  18. Is this something new? Sterling's tackle last week was barely mentioned, especially compared to the penalty claim not given to City. Who cares, it makes it all the more sweeter when we win trophies. We've hardly ever had much support in the media and punditry.
  19. It's risk vs reward. There's plenty of times a team has attempted to press us and we've played through the opposition press to create our own inroads. There are always going to be mistakes throughout a season playing this way. City made one against us for the equaliser at the weekend due to our press on them. But I do think we're one of the more accomplished teams currently keeping possession and playing out a press which makes it braver for a team to aggressively press us.
  20. They do but it's not by playing the way Arsenal did. I don't even think Arsenal provided a blueprint of how to beat us. Let's be honest tonight was a freak result in the context of the game. Arsenal created nothing and without the mistake the game probably would have played out similar, i.e. forcing Arsenal further back as the game wore on and they would have tried holding on for the draw. And even playing that deep and organised, we still had a couple of gilt-edged chances missed and hit the woodwork twice, despite most on here going crazy with how bad we played tonight.
  21. Can Rodgers set his team up like that? Arteta is a naturally negative manager. You only have to see how bad they were against Villareal when they needed to go for the win. He's also picked up some pretty decent results against the likes of Chelsea, United and City during his tenure. Whilst Leicester carry a threat against a high line that we'll have to worry about, Rodgers will usually set his team up to play and try to take the initiative in a game. I don't think they will be able to play in such an organised way against us for 90 minutes.
  22. Yes I think it's possible. We beat other teams to Kante when we didn't have European football (and he was in the Champions League with Leicester). I think the question mark is who our targets are. For me the stand out striker options are Haaland and Kane and neither may be attainable with Champions League football anyway. A lot of players I think can look past one season outside the Champions League if the project is attractive. We've got a young squad brimming with talent but not polished, and a top coach. Getting to the Champions League final is hard proof that we're there or there
  23. Easy to question in hindsight, especially a split second decision but once Kepa handled it on the line it was leading to an indirect free kick on the 6 yard box if they didn't make use of the run of play the ref called. With that in mind when Kepa could only really scoop it back into the danger zone, he might as well have scooped the ball back in and held it.
  24. Nope, it's all about the final this season. Yes missing Champions League isn't ideal but it's not the absolute catastrophe that it would be for teams like Liverpool because I think Roman will still spend money and carry on strengthening us. How rare is a Champions League final. We all know how hard that competition is to go all the way. It's potentially a once in a career opportunity for this group. That is without question the biggest thing now we're there.
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