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  1. We did tell them to fuck off Hazard and Tibo.
  2. Sky did say last week that we were close. Wtf happened?
  3. One game has changed the tone to drastically in this thread
  4. Hope this frees up 20m for other targets.
  5. If we don't get Sandro, do our best to hijack this deal
  6. We don't play with an AM. Closest is when Cesc comes on and we play 352. If we got James, he'd play RW
  7. It's simple economics. If Tottenham reject an 88m bid for him, that means he's worth more than 88m to Tottenham. Which means you aren't getting the guy for 88m
  8. For 88m we can get Alexis or so many more attackers that can play RW
  9. If you bid 88m and they reject, that means he's worth more than 88m.
  10. Doesn't matter why his worth 100m, just know your paying 100m for him.
  11. Lol where have u been this transfer window
  12. 1. Hrs worth more than 88m 2. Tottenham don't sell to us
  13. Smart of him. Still not sure why promising youngsters sign for us.
  14. Aren't they the ones that broke the story?
  15. Wages will decide this transfer.
  16. We can always bid more. If the Board thinks he's worth 60m then surely we can afford to pay him 130 weekly. Not the 100 that's being reported. Maria is much better at selling than buying.
  17. Exactly. We need Sandro, WC CB and a WC RW. People have forgotten how awful our defense was near the end of the year.
  18. Thought it was done already uhhg
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