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  1. Wrap this up and get some damn wing backs.
  2. For some reason the news that we lost out on another target (Danilo) is ruining this news for me.
  3. This summer can't get any worse. I cant think of any reason why he wouldn't extend the years in the deal.
  4. It's called reality vs planing. Seems like Lukaku was our main target.
  5. Either we are scared cause of what happened with Jose or Conte is outta here soon.
  6. So excited for this. Really feel like he is made for a wingback position
  7. U know so much more than they do.
  8. According to Matt Law, Chelsea are still in for him.
  9. This is the typical stupidity of our board now. We go in for players like this and then have the F**king audacity to try and haggle for a price.
  10. Can't believe I feel for the crap about seriously challenging for the CL.
  11. I have ZERO idea why Conte doesn't seem to like this kid? I mean he seems to like him but not him game.
  12. My point was we didn't offer Sandro an outrageous enough salary to make him wanna leave.
  13. Chelsea knew from the start this wasn't going to be an easy transfer. In transfers like thais you bid high, early and aggressively over pay the player as well as the club. You certainly don't penny pinch. To be fair think we did all this eaxcept maybe offer Sandro a higher salary.
  14. She's been awful the past 2 years. Consistently missing out on our first choice targets.
  15. I can't help but feel like haggling over a few million cost us this deal. If we offered 70m before Bonucci talk heated up, I'm sure he'd be ours by now
  16. Think I'll trust the official website more than you.
  17. Name one other club in England that has done better transfers than us since Emelano came to Chelsea a simple 5min search on our official website will tell you he is a first team scout. You think if he were in charge we'd have let all our promising youngsters we bought for cheap go? if you need a scape goat how about the person negotiating the deals or the manager? Like when Jose got rid of Mata and KDB and Lukaku
  18. Has matt law said anything recently ?
  19. My only real concern now is that you weren't able to get the other LB back from loan. That Alone might change Juves mind because now there's no possible replacement.
  20. Many people are saying the price changed. Is this normal for Juve to do?
  21. Has morata said anything? This isn't as dead as some are making it out to be. Sandro would have signed his extension already if we didn't have a chance.
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