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  1. Source and is he starter material?
  2. I personally don't like his attitude when he doesn't receive a pass. Costa has many issues, but seems like he's good to his team mates. Lukaku I'm not so sure of.
  3. Lukaku seems to be the only one that thinks his deal is already done lol
  4. When was this said? If he's talking about our new 70m bid, seems like they're interested.
  5. Sky said we were interested, BBC said we were interested. Obviously something is going on to make Bayern concerned enough to come out with a statement. Youre acting like Sky said Bayern are willing to listen to offers or something. You don't see teams making statements for BS rumors do you.
  6. What did sky say in this matter that makes them unreliable?
  7. How did Bernando Silva go for 43m in this market?
  8. Well I'm usually 100% in on the smallest rumors, but even I can't get excited about this one. Lol
  9. All were club signings too. To those that think our board is awful and the manager should have full control like Arsenal.
  10. Get this done. I'm starting to get nervous it's not as close as Lukaku made us think.
  11. We can always loan him to someone not named Atletico.
  12. I'm choosing to trust republica on this one.
  13. Weren't they the ones that broke the story?
  14. Chelsea and Juventus have come to a £60M agreement for defender Alex Sandro. #cfc [republica]
  15. Now this was conte's original intent for our team last year but he decided against it. We also switch to a 424 whenever things get tight. Bluelyon made a point in another thread about us only targeting a LWB when we need a RWB more. In a 424 we can play Azpi at RB. Azpi-Luiz-NewCB-Sandro? Bakayoko-Kante Willian-Pedro-Lukaku-Eden this would also be a good solution to us conceding so many goals later last year. Finally, Willian seems to want to stay all of the sudden when it seemed he'd be out this year.
  16. Might be getting Dani Alves too
  17. We did that last year too thou
  18. How long is this vacation
  19. Agree 100%. This isn't racism; just fans looking for someone to blame. Forgetting we've probably been the best at spending in the past 10 years.
  20. Reports are now saying Conte wants to quit due to our unwillingness to sign his target Lukaku. We've been the best team in England since Roman came in with Emanuel (or atleast top 2) if he is the man in charge of our transfers, then Bravo to him for all our success. Its pretty obvious the mangers at Chelsea are usually the ones in charge of our transfers. I mean look at the sales Jose x2 made. If you want a scapegoat I think it should atleast be the new lady that replaced Courlay.
  21. I mean Conte can't think he can run the club but we do need to pay the 90m for Lukaku, it's fair enough.
  22. This can't be serious.
  23. He can come play RW for us. If we were ever serious about competing for CL that is.
  24. Idk if it's the way we play but man Costa was awesome at the start of the season. Lukaku's goals seemed pretty average
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