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  1. I trust ESPN with all my heart .
  2. I'm guessing he's Sandro's replacement?
  3. Lol the media is one entity. There are tons of media outlets with different reliability and different sources
  4. Does this mean we are done with VVD and Bonucci. Ok. Great ambition so far guys
  5. Our damn negotiations. But maybe Juve made up the story to get us to pay more.
  6. Oh God. What did di Mazio say
  7. His contract ends June 30. Think we're not allowed to sign him until then.
  8. Good news: we are close to signing Baka and Sandro. Bad news, the theory that everything will be announced July 1 is out the window which means Lukaku and VVD/Bonucci is not done yet.
  9. Wtf. Done deal? It's close? We are close to a bid? Which one is it!
  10. Playing for a better team doesn't always make players better. Especially strikers.
  11. Lol. If he can keep scoring like he did at Everton. Most ppl don't seem to rate him at all.
  12. Luis-Bonucci-VVD would be solid. Move Azpi to RWB and Sandro for LWB. Baka and Kante for CM. Pedro-Lukaku-Hazard for the forward positions. If wirh this line up, if Lukaku becomes good, we should be solid contenders for the CL trophy
  13. Just going by who we've been linked with all summer. You know, the same way we assume we're interested in Bakayoko etc.
  14. just find is so weird we are in for a LWB and not for a RWB.
  15. If we had just saved up all the $$$ we spent trying to get a RW, we could probably afford this.
  16. He can't stop talking about this. We don't even need Daily Mail making up stories anymore, this guy gives us an update every 6 hours.
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