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  1. Rest Kante for this game. Especially if both Kovacic and Jorginho are fit.
  2. Loved the performance. Exactly what I was hoping to see. A little shame about the end scoreline. A 2-0 goal lead would have done wonders to widen the goal difference between us and Leicester. Can't complain too much though. It came from Kovacic, who in all honesty am just glad to see on the pitch again with some degree of form after being out for a month.
  3. I know it was a while ago, but what was the reason behind it? Was it just fans who didnt know any better?
  4. While I agree that losing out the on the CL does not mean we can't attract talent, it does reduce our options. Remember, Hazard ended up joining us partly because we secured the CL for that season. Granted players like Drogba and Joe Cole influenced him, but every bit helps. The other fact is it would mean missing out on the CL for the 3rd time in nearly 5 years. I know with 6 clubs competing financially, there's always the risk of missing out, but to do so against Leicester or West Ham is embarassing. Especially after this season. Giving up top 4 if it meant we secured a trophy
  5. No draws, if we can't beat this Leicester side convincingly at home in front of the fans, then we have bigger problems.
  6. Still have nightmares about 08. Coming back to this game, I don't want some fucking referee or VAR to have a chance to decide this game. Hope we come flying out of the traps and beat this Leicester team into submission. I'll be disappointed if we don't.
  7. And when they did, they only focused on the oldest and stately looking Chelsea fans, and one fan with a twitching eye. Biased scum. They like to paint a narrative.
  8. Yep, instead of bringing on Chillwell,.it would.have been sufficient to switch James and Azpi, with James playing WB,..and bring on Giroud much sooner. Tactics have been off the last couple of games. Hope Tuchel doesn't undo all his good work just because of a few decisions like these.
  9. Yeah it's tough to gauge which players have that x factor. From our current crop, I would say Pulisic, Mount...and at a stretch (a real long one), maybe Havertz too could be included in that bracket of players with the potential for it. But the answer is still no until they've actually won a final.
  10. Just seeing this video now I'm really hoping that we are the team that will keep them out of the top 4 again.
  11. I'm tired of being nostalgic for the sake of it , but I'll say it. No Drogba. A club can buy the hottest young prospects, or the most expensive attacking players, but not having players with the right mentality and gumption to score on any occasion leaves it with an incomplete squad.
  12. The only way we can get around this is for us to take complete control and prevent a close game. I'm counting on us to do this. We should have far more well rested quality players in the squad than they do. Also hoping that Vardy and co. will do some celebrating and come to match feeling a bit more laggy. Climbing over them in the table will feel sweet.
  13. It only takes one cup win to change that. I hoped it would be this one. Looks like we will have to wait a little longer. On the flipside, I hope they are somewhat hurt from this and can channel it into something positive in the coming matches. Chelsea vs Leicester, next round coming right up.
  14. Yeah, we're going to make Leicester wait at least another year to play in the CL.
  15. I'm glad that Leicester are our immediate opponents (and facing us in Stamford Bridge in front of our fans) No better way to show a reaction Let's knock them out of the top 4.
  16. In a way, I'm glad that Leicester are our immediate opponents (and facing us in Stamford Bridge in front of our fans) No better way to show a reaction.
  17. Yeah, that tactic of playing Reece and Azpi in unnatural positions, for the first time ever and that too in a cup final, was just stupid. No wonder Reece was the one who played the ridiculous pass that led to the goal.
  18. Don't give in Vesper, you need to show a better mentality than the players did today.
  19. Agreed. Not saying Leicester didnt deserve to win this final, but to say that they were more deserving after riding their luck this way is a bit much. They remained ahead because of some bent officials ffs. Anyway like I said, payback can't come soon enough, and we need to knock the stuffing out of them on Tue.
  20. Second this. The offside rule when in question, has always historically yielded results that favored the attacking side. People love to see goals, not see a shitty offside trap succeed. This is the FA and VAR after all, so they have an agenda. Giving a popular underdog like Leicester a leg up in these situations, makes for a more attractive product. This is Chelsea we're dealing with anyway, not the hordes of Man Utd and Liverpool. That said, I'm looking to see how we react on Tue. If we dont smack this Leicester team into submission and out of the CL spots, I will be
  21. Isnt it typical? I was watching the match on BT, and not for one minute did they show any of the Chelsea fans on screen., until Leicester went 1-0 up and Chelsea were scrambling. Even when did, they showed a couple of old geezers, and later on , one Chelsea fan with his eye twitching (just for laughs probably) The low point was when that fucking Robbie Savage started cheering on Vardy and the Leicester fans in the 85th minute. Anyway, payback is going to be sweet. We should knock them out of the Champions league places next week.
  22. There are only two things on my mind right now: 1. Screw Leicester. No matter what we did to shoot ourselves in the foot today., there's no denying they rode their luck and some more in this match. Here's hoping its run out now, and we rightfully knock them out of the European places next week, starting Tuesday. 2. FUCK Arsenal. I don't what it is about that club or its asenine fans, but they always t seem to be involved when we go through a bad phase. No surprise we haven't looked the same team since that 1-0 defeat. I want us to win this 2021 final to claim our second CL, so t
  23. One of the big game changers today. Had even one of the Benzema shots had gone in, it could have changed the complexion of the entire match. Outstanding.
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