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  1. some toughts about the match:

    cahill really had a bad game, some stupid mistakes that could cost us against a better team, rudiger is not used to play as a RCB i guess, because he looked really nerves and made a lot a mistakes in short time on the field. andreas was really impressive, i love luiz and everything but i thing this guy is better because he is concentrated all the time so i hope maybe he can stay in the center and luiz will go left and azpi right or something like that because this kid must plat in the first 11.

    hazard still not near his fitness...

    michy need more games like this to gain confidence

    zappacosta made me think is conte a hypocrite? don't get me wrong i love conte but all the time when a new player is coming he says he just trained with us one week or 2 week and bla bla bla and with zappacosta an Italian guy he doesn't think twice, let him play against Leicester and today as well. it just make you think how much all his decisions are professional...

    fabergas had a good game but still has this really bad passes once or twice at a match, something he must fix because that's the kind of things that costs points...

    willian had is best game since a while...

    really enjoyed the game, good subs to let some people rest.. too bad musonda didn't get a chance...

  2. after the transfer window shout down. just thought if i can make 2 first 11 from all our squad. this what i wrote down

    first 11 number number 1-the better one by my opinion:






    CM baka





    RW- pedro


    second 11:

    GK- willy


    CB- Jake Clarke-Salter (what can you do, let's hope for good)



    LWB-kenedy (sad one, our weaker position, worst then salter if you ask me)







    will be more then happy to hear your opinion guys

    was sad barkley and ox didn't sign because i always wanted chelsea have more english players but what can you do... let's hope next year our young lads will get a chance after coming back from premier league loans...

  3. was vary selfish today, too much dribble, sometimes at our half that eventually he lost the ball instead of free it fast and start run to get it back

  4. don't believe we sold ake and will bring this player... older, much less talented then ake, ake already know and prove himself in the premier league, and ake could be a home grown player if i'm not wrong... so WTF is wrong with our board? 

  5. honesty after that accident

    i had no doubt conte will sell him at the end of the season, conte was acting really smart all season with patience but he knew inside that this guy will not continue in his project. we both know if it was mourinho after this kind of accident he would not play for the rest of the season but then we couldn't win the league of course... end of story: conte a really smart manger! hope costa will leave soon as possible 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Fernando said:

    I would look to get rid of cahill first before David luiz. 

    It's clear that Conte don't trust any other cb we have so buy a good one this summer. 

    Would love van but Southampton might make it stone saga II. 

    did you saw the game tonight?! if not cahill we were losing just after the first half 3-0 already...

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