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  1. Aquaman, I'm not picking a fight, more curious than anything. 1. Would it have been less disgraceful if they had burned a Spain Torres shirt? 2. Suarez does seem promising. Carroll not so sure. That seems like a lot of money for somebody with half a season of PL football. Time will tell. 3. The posts on RAWK and LFC's forum about Torres leaving have been something. At first I read them but I couldn't keep up. There's a post to never speak his name and then 5 more created about how awful he is. It seems LFC fans can't let it go. Why the level of hostility? Is it the timing only? One
  2. http://www.thefootballramble.com/index.php/blog/entry/saintly-nando-will-be-chelseas-cold-eyed-killer Don't let that baby/pretty boy face fool you. You don't get to this level without having some major ambition and self-centeredness. If he didn't have ambition he'd still be at Atleti for God's sake. Reminds me of what Tim Howard said about Torres a few years ago. "I think he's been one of the top in the world. He's got speed, and he's got a great sense for the goal, which all great strikers have. The craziest thing about Torres is that as silky smooth as he is, he's a scrapper as well. When
  3. It's going to be a zoo tomorrow at the press conference. The media are going to have a field day with every syllable he and Carlo say. My family has contributed to the shirt sales and helped recoup some of that signing fee. We're in the States so we're paying in US $. We've purchased the LS Green, LS Blue Home CL, SS Black Away CL. My daughter is extremely excited. Add this to the Drogba SS Black Away CL she already has. It's only $, right?
  4. Can't be bothered to find the timeline but he passed the medical and then signed. The delay was LFC letting him leave Liverpool.
  5. I've watched Torres for a long time at AM, LFC, and Spain. I'm a huge fan and here are my two cents worth: 1. He won't run around the field like a chicken with his head cut off. He's not that kind of player and never has been, never will be. If that's what you're expecting, you'll be disappointed. He likes to typically play off the shoulder of the last defender and make his move. 2. His touch can be horribly bad and in the next second sublimely ridiculous. 3. He can be a moody a## but he can also be an arrogant one. When he's arrogant is when he's at his best. It seems if you piss h
  6. Great article about Fernando's loyalty. http://www.chelsea.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=522055 What so many LFC "fans" seem to forget: 1. Torres was asked to stay during the summer to help the sale of the club. Everybody knew he added value to the club. Fernando could have left earlier but he stayed to help the club. 2. Torres was one of the few players to speak publicly saying there needed to be new owners and Hicks and Gillette were killing the club. I don't remember the two local boys stepping out and saying that or did I miss that? I love how LFC now wants to throw Torres und
  7. I'm still looking. http://www.dailyindia.com/show/422339.php It appears LFC wanted the Suarez negotiations to finish before they addressed the Torres situation. So maybe it wasn't a last 3 day issue as portrayed by LFC. I'm still looking for the story.
  8. Anybody else seen the stories that Torres was due a large loyalty bonus this summer and that CFC and LFC had been in discussions about a transfer for 2 weeks? twitter.com/bensmith_times (I know..... )
  9. I think it will be a low-key celebration because of his relationship with Pepe and his respect for Liverpool (even if the LFC fans don't see it). After this game, all bets are off though. On the other hand, if they're kicking the you know what out of him all game, he might have to drop the ball at the feet of Carragher (if he plays). That alone makes me laugh because Carragher would lose it.
  10. Thanks! A follower of Torres through AM and the Spanish team. Watched Liverpool when Torres played. Weird to see him in the blue but it's growing on me. A side comment - I understand why Liverpool fans are so angry he's gone because he is so great. If he wasn't it wouldn't matter. They realize what they're losing. I don't think they realize a window for a top striker (which Torres is!) doesn't last forever. He's not like Pepe who can play until his late thirties. His time is now and he can't wait forever for Liverpool to rebuild, reorganize, etc. He carried the load and expectations o
  11. That's probably the Liverpool team except maybe Carragher back in the lineup for Skrtel. If he is, except his helium voice to be yelling scouse nonsense at Fernando. Cole may be lucky to see the bench. He doesn't seem to figure in Dalglish's plans. Suarez is a good talent. Didn't think he was an out and out striker, unlike Fernando.
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