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  1. i hope they stay at the bridge. look at fenway park or wrigley field here stateside. these stadiums are roughly 100yrs old, and the teams that occupy them are 2 of the biggest names in baseball, with some of the highest payrolls.

    ya but FFP looming over I guess we have to find alternatives

  2. I feel that it's inevitable considering upcoming FFP rules and the amount of revenue earned by United and even Arsenal just because they have bigger capacity than us. Surely the idea wouln't be easy to digest but I guess one has to consider commercial issue as well while thinking about sentiments

  3. yup, agree with you.... Bruma, Kakuta are all raw at the moment and surely not first team material as of now

    To be honest none of the players (with the exception of Borini) that were quoted would have been good enough for Chelsea, Sinclair couldn't even get a first team place at Wigan, Jack Cork would always be used as a squad player at best and nothing more (and he wants to be a first team starter), and Mancinenne is average and weak for a defender.

  4. Sturridge shouldn't / won't get a starting position week in week out because he scored 8 goals for bolton !!!

    He deserves to have an upgrade , to get much more starts , at least 15 starts and 30 appearances in all compititions next season would be the right thing to go for , but again not starting XI material yet.

    I agree he deserves an upgrade rather then giving him week in week out start. definitely he has proved himself at Bolton, no doubt about that but when you play for Chelsea your every footstep is the piece of attention so I would like to see him gradually securing his first team place over the period of time rather than starting him everytime

  5. he is good, he is talented bit arrogant and has got all what it takes to reach top level in world football. I don't like his attitude to be honest but yet would like to see him at Chelsea cause we need some young and pacey legs like him!!!

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