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  1. 10 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

    It will mean huge amounts to all the players but imagine what it will feel like for players such as Mount and Reece etc the young lads if we win it.

    Huge for them and for frank as well.

    Fully agree. It also sets that winning mentality in them. 

    I still believe winning the league cup in Jose's first season set off a belief in the players.

  2. His acting like a child.

    He turns up in the big games he wants to play (barca) yes he had qualities but what has happened to the mentality of players? 


  3. 8 minutes ago, Jason said:

    We still have one more game to go - a huge cup final - but the players are already out spouting things that may damage morale ahead of that game. :doh: 

    Typical players nowadays just no respect anymore...

  4. 1 hour ago, Fernando said:

    You guys are asking too much. 

    We not longer can buy top quality. 

    More Drinkwaters are the players we will get. 

    I pretty much agree with this...

    Sad state of affairs , but maybe its time that youth academy paid off. Start using players we have , i would much rather give Ruben minutes then spend another 35 mill on a second Drinkwater type transfer.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Iggy Doonican said:

    I've seen some terrible Chelsea players down the years but as limited as they were they gave 100%. This absolute thundercunt is inexcusable he really is just an oily little worm. Can you imagine this little tosspot playing and acting up in the same team as JT, Lamps, Ballack, Drogba they would have sorted him out.

    Different generation entirely. Gone are the days of men it's all about how many likes they can get on social media.

    I'm just glad I was old enough to appreciate the likes of Terry, lamps, Drogba etc. I feel for the younger fans and my son seeing these poor excuses for real footballers.

  6. I remember years ago there would be a lot more shock at results like this now , well since 2015 we seem to be more humble to these results.

    The main issue I have as many have pointed out is what is the vision it just feels like a mess at the moment... no squad balance no idea who will be manager next year and is Hazard and Tibo off ? 

    I just hope we get Top 4 and that's mainly for the money and to attract better names if big players leave.

    I was saying to a friend that I'm glad I was old enough to appreciate our earlier teams 04/05 , 05/06 etc. As I feel for people expecting much nowadays with the squad we are assembling.

  7. 43 minutes ago, Adnane said:

    Complete Legend , Loved the part he said about the club and fans. Hope Chelsea give him the send off he and some other deserve eventually. End of an era , i still miss Terry , Lampard and Drogba bossing it. Hope he comes back here in some capacity one day.


  8. This was coming we haven't improved a squad that came mid table last year so why would they do much better?

    Think we need to accept we are not the team we were years ago and it's going to take a long time to get back up there.

    Just glad I saw us win so many things over the last decade. We are going to need to be patient.

  9. 16 minutes ago, nono said:

    We only seem to be linked with second and third rate players this window. We are already so far behind in squad quality compared to the good teams in Europe. Then we go ahead and sign players for huge sums who can't get into those teams, strengthening them and weakening ourselves even more. I am very disheartened by this transfer window so far. I know it's early days but this is looking more and more like last year. 

    I am afraid the lack of CL football does not help a team that needs more top players.

    Still it's early days. From what I have seen of morata is he would be a good back up to Costa... if we can keep him.

  10. Sorry mate, looked a definite penalty to me.

    I really wanted Chelsea to win the league but not at the expense of our PL survival. We're probably still going down but at least we're fighting now.

    And Mourinho was a disgrace in his post-match interview.

    Mourinho is Mourinho you love him as a Chelsea fan, hate a him as an opposition fan. As for the penalty you can see there was no contact until he put his foot an apzi. How Larsson smashing into ramires is not a penalty let alone a red I'll never know. I don't condone the elbow but it would never even have happened if the ref was doing his job correctly. also the way the commentators said it was a good block and shrugged him off the ball was awful.

    I know the whole of sky sports want a scouse title win but please contain you excitement and stay professional. We are now praying on a yellow miracle I'm afraid and I can't see it happening.

    I told my city supporting work colleague that Liverpool would win the league and this was in January,he laughed but how right was I...

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