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  1. Okay enough is enough now. He's trash...

    Why is Lampard constantly waiting and waiting to play our best players? Where is Mendy, Chilwell, Pulisic??? They are all 'not ready' yet apparently and he will be repeating same shit for weeks now. Other managers will just throw players straight away and get results, while Lampard will wait for weeks. Get him out now.

  2. 27 minutes ago, Valdo said:

    Am I the only one who thinks if Bats would get a run of 5/9 games next season (not that he would be here at that point) with Puli/Ziyech/Havertz would actually be a decent striker and would score 15+ goals a season? And I'm dead serious about this. If you keep him around for cup/fa games w/e and feed him as well as the above are capable off, I think he would be very decent.

    He would score some goals, yes, but he is just a walking tree like Tammy, Lukaku, etc...

  3. 19 minutes ago, Laylabelle said:

    Not Sarris biggest fan and don't expect him to last a full season if we play like we have.. But seems stupid to be looking elsewhere with the possibility of a ban in place. Its a huge challenge for anyone! No attraction really unless you want a season of stress. 

    That's if we are. Media do get a sniff sometimes and take their own run with it. 

    I actually think that keeping Sarri is quite pointless if transfer ban stands. I don't believe he can take us forward with this squad. He needs a lot of money and a lot of new players who would suit his style.

  4. Unfortunately, it's now quite clear that Hazard is off to Madrid.

    Was a real pleasure to have him here at Chelsea and EPL.

    Not sure if we will ever have a player of his quality ever again at Chelsea. :(

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  5. That's why trash like Sarri has always be sacked when it's time. It's unfortunately too late now. Out of top 4, Out of FA Cup, definitely stand no chance in Carabao Cup. And will soon be out of EL, we can hardly beat Malmo :D This is the worst time of Chelsea under Abramovich. Old dirty cunt must go right now.

  6. Let's see what board does now. Sarri absolutely embarrassed our football club. If he is not fired after today's game then the board has to be questioned too.. We still can get into top 4 but definitely not with Sarri. Give it to Zola until the end of the season.

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