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  1. Is the gold star gonna be on all the Chelsea home kits, or is it just on the special ones on the CFC website? Just wondering because I was going to wait and see before i bought it. Sorry if someone has already asked this haha
  2. So true. If Torres is to regain his world-class form, he doesnt need major competiton in front of him, and we need to strengthen in other areas. If he's staying in England he's surely City bound..
  3. Agree with Zola Vialli Hasselbaink and Eidur another great partnership Shame we never really utilised Pizarro and Shevchenko......
  4. Amazing film haha, saw it Thursday and it was quality
  5. Kalou was awful.. cannot believe i used to stick up for him when he recieved somewhat deserved flack. Just didnt add anything to the game. Malouda and Lampard were passengers, not enough from them. Felt Bosingwa played well but why not stick him on the Right wing? He's quick, attacks the defence and can whip it in. He's not as good defensively than say Ivanovic, so at least until Studge comes back, he's surely worth a go? Torres looked much fitter and stronger yesterday, came up against a tough defense but looked good on the ball. Ramires, for me, was man of the match. Exactly what we want, go
  6. Broke me arm a few years back, Swan neck break its known as so was pretty retarded looking. Had an operation and have a metal plate in my arm now haha.
  7. Nice to see he has a proper number, 20 sounds better than 46. Number 6 been floating around for a while, nice to see it get put to use. Dont know how much we'll see of Oriol this season though haha.
  8. Sturridge tearing Rangers apart. Its beautiful to watch, can't wait to see him keeping Kalou and Anelka on the bench this season with hopefully 10 goals plus
  9. Whoever is playing the best should be the team, and thats probably the end of it. The only problem with that is if Drogba would accept it, but i can see by the story a couple of posts above that this also seems to be his mentality. I think people are deluded if they think Torres is not going to have a good season with Chelsea, he's had his bad spell and naturally and gradually will start to score goals. Hopefully more than the pitifiul 11 Drogba came up with last season. Thats not particularly a criticism, its just that we had a rotation of Anelka, Drogba and Kalou who all had fairly poor seas
  10. Plaster nosed scouse bastard. Proves how much of a twat he was winding up GLS. The aggression behind that elbow was fantastic
  11. Amen. Yossi is certainly one of the most underrated creative midfielders, he was at liverpool in particular. Sat on their bench too often, yet always created the spark they needed in attack and created and occassionally scored. No prizes for pointing who he'd often set up in the liverpool attack haha. IF we dont sign anyone Yossi needs much more of a chance, he can be the answer, as its certainly not Frank in terms of creativity.
  12. Thanks Its only my first year, so its far from perfect haha!
  13. I would also prefer that option tbh, especially as you stated, PVA just got a new contract. Dont see why Ryan cant play all our league cup games tbh
  14. I'd rather he went out on loan but i could see him going to Swansea if they offered the right money. Its a horrible situation because he's a great up and coming player, and he has to compete with Ashley Cole who doesnt warrant to be dropped. Bertrand should be getting more football for Chelsea however. PVA should be here with Bertrand, and perhaps PVA could be used in a more attacking role. The boy does love to bomb forward haha
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