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  1. He still has value in this seasons squad as an under 21. You can't ignore that. 

    It's likely Conte doesn't rate him though and that he is in fact going out on another loan. 

    But it's far to early to say one way or another. All we know right now is that he's been sent back to London. Still plenty of time between now and 1 September and any number of things can happen.

  2. 45 minutes ago, mccg said:

    Too sensible for our board to fight for a player we want , we still owe them for the Cuadrado deal also(maybe we can do a loan deal for Sandro lol) . Matic and £10 mill or ju can do 1 juve


    Don't you mean they still owe Chelsea for Cuadrado? Which is likely very true, and if that is the case, that money will certainly factor into any deals involving Matic and/or Alex Sandro. 

  3. What club do you lot follow? Why do you care about money? The board will not allow the club to go broke. If there is serious interest and the player wants to join then there are people in place to make that happen. It's up to them to worry about the details. 

    He's a good player that I can't imagine they'll give up on easily. He would be excellent rotating for that mid two role. Ideal really if he can remain healthy.

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