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  1. What a transfer window. Havertz completes one of the best windows in our history. And a window befitting of our stature as a European force. World class talent with their best years to come. Hi Kai.
  2. Haha! Us spending big just isn't something we do anymore.
  3. It's all good Giroud staying if we can't get anyone in, but will Lampard even use him though? That's the issue here.
  4. Haha, so we actually have to wait for Milan to announce their signing before we can announce Higgy? Unreal.
  5. Let's be realistic, given all the things that had to happen, it was very unlikely that he'd play tomorrow.
  6. Piatek is still in Genoa so Higgy isn’t signing tomorrow folks.
  7. Yep. Officially old now. Have no idea who this is.
  8. PSG in for Paredes according to Di Marzio. Guess that's that then.
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