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  1. The Premier League's most toxic relationship.

    Making his protégé play every game over any logic and setting him to score the decisive penalty is something that can only be seen in amateur clubs.

    But this has been said for a long time.


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  2. 7 hours ago, DANILA said:

    I don't think Liv are as good as people are saying, I just think the premier league is pretty weak tactically besides city who are just inconsistent. Was looking at the way Napoli and Inter were playing this weekend and was so jealous... 

    Liv does the basics right and play as a team, something we're not even close to doing right now and last season


    What you say has no consistency.

    Europe's best coaches are in the Premier League.
    Is it true that Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal have inexperienced coaches but in another league do you have a list of coaches like Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Brendan Rodgers, Bielsa, Hasenhuttl, Potter, Nuno ...?

    I have no sympathy for Liverpool, Klopp or his increasingly pretentious and arrogant players.
    But they are the best football project in Europe in recent years.
    An author project with 5 years of work.
    Klopp has won the Premier League, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup since taking charge of Liverpool.
    And that was not based on luck.

    Like any other, this cycle will come to an end, but it looks like it won't be this year yet.

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  3. Everything points out that Guardiola will leave City, it is not known what can happen in other big 6 clubs, but Man Utd has exactly the same problem as us and will end up doing the same in the short term that we will be forced to.

    There will already be two major competitors in perspective.

    And there is a man.
    The man.

    Nagel is the mann.

    I hope that Roman and Marina have already moved with the insight of a good chess player.

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  4. 14 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Lets see how Dias does in PL.

    KK, Gimenez, Kounde... They got their 4th choice CB.


    7 hours ago, Vesper said:

    £65m for Dias is madness


    What City is doing specifically in the transfer market in relation to defenses is not normal and it seems to me that it has very little to do with football.
    I'll try to explain.

    In the Guardiola era they spent € 545 million between defenders and goalkeepers. In 4 years.
    It is important to note that this phenomenon started earlier, with cases such as Mangala, among many others.

    Of those 545 million euros, they didn't buy any world-class players, few players performed well.
    And in most cases they were bought well above their market price.

    Look at the strange movements of Danilo, Cancelo, or now Dias. All by Jorge Mendes.

    And who doesn't know how dirty Mendes is, doesn't know anything about football today, unfortunately.

    Mendes is a strategic ally and very close to the current president of benfica, who has elections at the door and is highly criticized, this transfer will help him a lot.

    City could have bought any other player that offers a lot more guarantees and has more quality, once again burning a fortune in the worst option available, it has to be said that a lot of people make money from these movements within the clubs too.

    It is something that is rarely talked about, but that just doesn't know who doesn't want it, ...

    Having said all of this, you should also be aware that everything points out that Guardiola should not continue in Manchester and that this situation, like many other things, will already be indifferent to him.

    I think his head is no longer there.
    And who knows, he may also earn a few million extra with all these obscenities.

    Welcome to modern football.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, killer1257 said:

    I wonder if Man City fans also are anything like TC fans are. If they are anything like us, Pep will get slaughtered over there lol.

    Gesendet von meinem VOG-L29 mit Tapatalk

    Talking about the coach who created the best team in the history of football and who has 30 titles in the curriculum ... and wanting to compare him with someone who is not qualified to train at Champinship. Ok

  6. 4 minutes ago, Jason said:

    If Leicester somehow manage to challenge for the Top 4 again, they could potentially put us, United, Arsenal, Spurs etc to shame if none of us get the act together...

    Leicester, Arsenal and Spurs have Europa League.
    Everton and Wolves have that advantage this year.

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