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  1. What a performance. When we get the lead we're the best team in the world because our players work so hard to keep it. Proud of all of them! 

    Kante was immense....such a club legend. 

    Tuchel maximized the rosters potential from day 1. He deserves so much credit... Half these guys we had written off under Frank and look at them now! European champs! So happy....

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  2. We're one of the best in the world when it comes to protecting a lead, very hard to break down with our formation and shape. But when we concede first we're pitiful and against city this can't happen.

    It's going to be a very tall task, and like others have mentioned, we need to be almost perfect here to win. 

    I don't have any confidence in Werner and Havertz because they're not finishing chances they should be. Had been the case all season. Good movement and pace can only get you so far, it's time to finish some of these chances. I hope they prove me wrong.


  3. 2 minutes ago, Milan said:

    A funny thing this. We were asking this similar question under Sarri and Lampard too. Wonder what really is the issue there.

    Gotta think it's his ego that just rubs managers the wrong way. Clearly one of our more talented players. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Jason said:

    This isn't to defend Werner or anything and Haaland might well be a better finisher than Werner but I feel like we've all been down this road before, where we get all excited about the shiny toys out there before seeing all that excitement come crashing down when we eventually get the toy.

    For example, Haaland has scored 25 league goals this season but he has also missed 19 big chances. Last season, Werner scored 28 league goals but missed 21 big chances. And we've seen what happened with Werner this season. Will Haaland be able to maintain a similar goalscoring rate in a team that doesn't create many chances and in a league with teams that don't give many chances?

    Well you could be right, we've seen young players thrive in other leagues then fizzle out playing English football. I would certainly say Haaland's finishing is better than Werner's ever was. Werner has always been a pacey player with good positioning and a capable shot. Haaland's left foot shoots out rockets, straight missiles. 

    What I love about Haaland is his confidence. Yeah he'll miss some chances but he'll come right back full force with his arms flailing ready to destroy his next opportunity. Werner lets every miss get into his head and we're all seeing what that does to him at the moment. 

    I would still take Haaland in a heartbeat but nothing is ever a guarantee.  

  5. Werner scares the shit out of me. He's really turning into a glorified Morata at this point. Literally needs to be served on a platter to score and sometimes that's not even enough.

    That being said I would still start him next week. We terribly need a striker but I'll go with the same three up top and hope he pulls a Torres or something.

    Haaland would be so nice playing with Pulisic, Mount, Ziyech....Wishful thinking. 

  6. Not the time to experiment in terms of formation and Mount in the pivot. Maybe the ESL distractions hurt us a bit but that's no excuse to lose to Brighton at home...

    We've shown we can only be effective using the 3-4-2-1 so not the best time in a race for top 4 to change and have players out of position. 

    Felt Chilwell, Cho, and Kante should have been the subs to allow us to go back into what we're comfortable with but Kai and Ziyech were so poor that I understand why they were taken off. 

    Just poor team selection, you can't take any opponent lightly and I felt TT thought this was a game where he can tinker things too much. Definitely backfired...one of the worst games all season. 

    Might be out of the ESL and Champions league next season now. 

  7. Feel for him but he should take some mental time off. He's obviously in his own head to be missing so many easy chances this season.

    Seems like he's got good positioning and obviously great speed but the finishing has never been clinical enough. 

    Still young so I hope he snaps out of it but in the mean time he needs to sit

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