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  1. Nah, he was just impersonating Gary Neville.
  2. Special Agent J. Cole strikes again. First, he costs the bin dippers an absolute bomb in wages. Then made Stevie Me look like a fool when he claimed Cole's better than Messi (lol.) Then he sends us over Hazard. Take a bow son, take a bow.
  3. Please, if you're still making the video, cap it off with his pen against Bayern.
  4. Disagree about Kakuta likeliness to go out on loan next season. Please do remember that we have a potential 60+ games to play next season. Especially if Malouda goes we certainly need another body up there, and Kakuta is the man for the job. We'd have Kakuta, Marin, Hazard, Mata, Hulk and potentially Ramires filling out for 3 positions, which is fine. I don't like it when people write off Kakuta, many forget the lad's only 21. He still has to mature as a player, and we all know he has the talent. We need to give Gael a proper season as a squad player before we write him off. Take a look at
  5. Don't worry mate. Hulk is an exceptionally hard worker, he'd fit right into the team. When he was in Japan he used to play right back so his tracking back is decent. Hulk passes when he needs to. The fact that he assisted almost half of Falcao's goal at Porto gives you the understanding that he sees the right pass and makes the correct decisions regarding whether to shoot or not. Hulk fits like a glove onto that right side in my opinion. He can help defensively to a certain extent, yes he doesn't have Ramires stamina but compared to most forwards he does seem to be a level above average. As
  6. Bookies know as much as we do. Last year they suspended betting for Harry Redknapp becoming Chelsea manager. Shows how clueless they can be sometimes!
  7. They look more like training kits than anything. 99% of these leaked shirts are way off anyway!
  8. Lucas Leiva from the bin dippers seems to follow him, even mentioned him in a tweet.
  9. Honestly, if you've seen this guy play you'll realise he's just a slightly better Kalou. Frustrating to watch. Admittedly I've only seen him play at the ACON but I really wasn't impressed. Even our very own Salomon outshone him on numerous occasions. No place for him here in my opinion, I'd rather see us develop the likes of Sturridge and Lukaku.
  10. Right, as I speak fluent Dutch and have seen the original transcript of the interview I can fully say that the media have blown it out of proportion. A summary of what Lukaku said points more to him saying that he was delighted with the win but as he didn't play any part in the CL run he feels he feels he shouldn't celebrate as much as the players who actually played a part in it. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. It points to him being more humble than anything. I don't know what it is with the English media always trying their very best to tarnish Chelsea. It's a disgrace. Sometimes I do
  11. Great article mate, exactly my thinking. Not just next year, many more years after. This could be something special. The only thing that would top the CL win is if we have an even more successful decade due to the likes of Hazard, Hulk, Mata and Torres!
  12. Hahaha! Thank you, just a simple insight every Chelsea fan should be thinking about though, I just tried to put it into words!
  13. Definitely wasn't the best album in 2011, not going to argue about that! Didn't really listen to Wale before it though and it really made me listen to more material of his. Yes, Cole absolutely destroys that song, haven't fully sat down and listened to Attention Deficit yet though, I will now on your recommendation. There were quite a few better albums out like Kendrick's or A$AP Rocky's or WTT. Still waiting for a classic this year though...
  14. Any of you on here rate Wale? Out of the "new school" rappers he's by far my favourite at the moment. Ambition album is still on replay till this day. Who's your favourite rapper who's bounced onto the scene in recent years?
  15. Hi guys, first post here. Just wanted to share my excitement about us potentially wrapping up Eden Hazard and Hulk. Signing Hazard (99% really) and Hulk will change the dynamic in the team enormously. It's probably been discussed to death on here but just wanted to throw my opinion about it in here anyway. Here's what I think we'll get when we sign these two gentlemen: Tactical flexibility: ​A very big plus. When we sign these two, regardless of who becomes the manager, the depth in our team will increase ten-folds. We can easily switch from a 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 to a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-2-2-2 or 4-4
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