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  1. 2 hours ago, killer1257 said:

    The problem with Mount dropping deep is that he lacks the creativity to play those through balls. He played maybe 2 through balls in his whole career at Chelsea. So Mount will not solve our issues. That formation would rely on Ziyech overall because he is our only creative player. 

    I think Mount is actually better from deep where he has more time to pick out passes. It doesn't always have to be defensive splitting passes, it can also be about breaking the lines which is actually one of his best and most underrated attributes. 

    We also have Billy Gilmour who knows how to circulate but also has a very keen eye for a final pass. 

    Interesting times ahead. United this Sunday another big, big test 

  2. Looks like we've regressed back to looking clueless, no idea in our play anymore, very predictable. I thought we turned a corner, I thought there was more of an idea in our play. It looks like we've been found out. Still naivety in our system, with unwarranted arrogance. We're playing worse than last year at the moment. 

    I think Frank's been unlucky some, but it looks again like he's out of his depth. You can't create a whole system around one single player (Ziyech) and essentially have no plan B. Not in this modern football era. The drop off in our performances, how easy it is to predict and play against us, scoring mostly from set piece goals and crosses... It's all so predictable and boring. 

    Statistically he's the worst manager in the Abramovich era. If he wasn't SFL he would've been gone a long time ago. 

    He's maybe not ready to consistently coach a team with Chelsea's expectations just yet. 

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  3. Sure we win this game if that AC fart didn't happen. In control, growing into the game. Turned the game sour and our players don't know how to seize the opportunity in chaos well enough. 

    Villa deserve respect though. Don't forget they beat Liverpool 7-2. 

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  4. Sure we win this game if that AC fart didn't happen. In control, growing into the game. Turned the game sour and our players don't know how to seize the opportunity in chaos well enough. 

    Villa deserve respect though. Don't forget they beat Liverpool 7-2. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Special Juan said:

    Stop making excuses for him time after time. He won't be anywhere near the levels of KdB and Salah so please stop kidding yourself.

    Obviously you've completely given up on him as have others. Agree to disagree. We shall see who's right in a couple of years naturally. 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Magic Lamps said:

    lozana, diaby, saint maximin, thuram, depay, insignie, oyarzabal, ocampos, neres, kostic, barnes, guerrerio

    I'm also an Ajax fan, I would swap him for CHO in a heart beat. None of those guys are better imo and certainly wouldn't sell CHO for £50m to replace him with any of those guys. 

    Interestingly, I would love to see where most of those guys were when they just turned 20. Nowhere near CHOs level that's for certain. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

    I'm not being unfair I am being totally realistic. And I tell you what I was expecting today, it was a performance of someone who wants to be a main stay in this team for years. But I think I got too caught up in his cameo of the Arsenal game when he actually did something half decent for fucking ages.

    Today, at Full-Time we have another answer after CHO started a game, he's simply not good enough and doesn't do it when given the chances.

    So we're writing off a 20 year old academy player who's had his first PL start in months after a serious injury problems because he didn't have a 10/10 performance but a 7.5/10 performance? 

    He hasn't ever played 5 games in a row for Chelsea. 

    He's not even being played in his best position today. He has Grealish on his side so the manager decided to push everything through to the left hand side(Pulisic and Chilwell), which meant he wouldn't have many touches anyway. Puts in a good performance, excellent passing on the ball in possession, some good defensive actions, some chances created, and that's it? 

    He's never even had a run of proper starts under Lampard due to injuries and tactical choices? I don't think it's right to completely write off a player in this sort of situation. We've done this so many times before with guys like KDB and Salah and yet we haven't learn anything? 

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  8. Just now, Special Juan said:

    I'm not fooled by flashy outside of the foot passes across the field and the fact he once again slowed down when driving at people.

    The lad is nowhere near as good people make out, just another middle of the road winger.

    You're being so unfair, this is his first PL start in months, he's playing with Kanté and Azpilicueta aside him which hardly inspires creativity... He's not playing in his best position (LW), and still created some good chances (especially Werner towards the end who should've bagged that chance). He didn't perform a 10/10 game but for his first game back what exactly were you expecting? 

    He's literally JUST turned 20 last month, you think he's not going to get better as a player either? You genuinely think the Champions of Europe who were contemplating on signing him for huge money didn't do their homework either? 

    Callum will make it, whether it's here or somewhere else. 

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  9. 37 minutes ago, Dan Lee said:

    Good sub but cannot play the whole game. Not effective.


    3 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

    Bottled his chance, I expected him to do that he's fucking bang average.

    He was easily our best attacker and created lots of chances? 

    I thought that was a very encouraging performance. Not sure what you're expecting from him tbh. 

  10. On 19/12/2020 at 5:55 PM, Magic Lamps said:

    He is only 21 tho. And who better to coach a player to become a finisher and creater in the no. 8 role than Lampard himself. I think Havertz current image of himself is that of the classic elegant no. 10 who is not really involved in the game all the time but pops up with a flash of brilliance every now and then. And this kind of player is not fit for Enlgish football or  modern football in general

    I personally like that Lampard is trying to make him more of an 8, so that he's more involved in games. The fact that this is untapped potential in him is huge imo. 

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  11. 25 minutes ago, killer1257 said:

    And who scores those goals? Zouma? Some is probably our only reliable scorer right now. Every other of our strikers needs too many chances.

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    On the flip side, by February who knows maybe guys like Werner, Pulisic, Havertz find their shooting boots? Guys like Mount, CHO, Abraham will chip in as well. Both of our fullbacks have shown they aren't adverse to goals and Zouma is a huge set piece threat. There's goals in this team. We're literally one of the highest scoring sides in Europe this season. 

    This is a great game for the squad because winning this would give them a huge boost of confidence in big games in the future. 

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Jason said:

    Atletico are a bit of a peculiar bunch. We know they can be good but they also can be underwhelming. They failed to beat to Lokomotiv Moscow over the 2 games and somehow couldn't beat a Bayern B side in the group stage. And then there was the Champions League last season, where they were so flat against Leipzig. 

    Honestly they are so uninspired in big games recently. We won't even have to overcommit to beat them I don't think. Safe possession game with some quality chances created in the final third should do it. 

  13. 8 minutes ago, killer1257 said:

    Atletico did only concede 4 goals this season. Gimenez is injured right now.

    With guys like Werner, Tammy and Giroud, who need 100 chances to score a goal, we do not have a chance. Also, Atletico only needs one chance. That is all they need

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    They aren't that good. Watch the Madrid derby from this weekend. 

  14. 25 minutes ago, Tomo said:

    If Ziyech and Pulisic are fit for this (big if I know) I think we'll beat them pretty comfortably, despite the fact they're top of La Liga they aren't as tough to play in big games as they use to be, people will point to them getting past Liverpool last year but that second leg was blind luck not a defensive masterclass.

    Agreed. They really aren't that good. Only Felix I'm worried about as he has the talent to do something out of nothing. 

    We play a clean game with no mistakes and a fit squad, and we win this. 

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  15. 6 minutes ago, killer1257 said:

    I don't see Billy getting many chance here. Mount plays most matches, Kovavic is in a very good form and he is sitting more often on the bench because of Havertz. So Mount, Kai and Kova will play most of the matches and currently, I think the no. 8 position is his best position because we do not have the players around him, so he could play the Pirlo role.

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    We literally have Jorginho deputising for Kanté atm - would rather see Billy there imo. He's equally as good at 6 & 8 imo. 

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  16. 9 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Excited to see him keep playing more with us and even more so so Steve Clarke can get him in the Scotland squad as well as we need someone of his quality in there be it from the start or in and around the squad for the Euros as an option. Hopefully he can keep playing well. Obviously still a long way for him to go in terms of being a regular member in this 11 as there are good options in MF but again, he's done himself no harm with last nights performance, he was very good. 

    Gilmour McGinn McTominay is an excellent midfield three. Exciting times for you lot. 

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