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  1. Pedro, cesc, alonso - the actual dead weight in the team and squad. Morata just awful, I hope Michy gets in the team soon and becomes the no.1 while giroud will be a more than decent no.2 and relegating morata to 3 and hopefully sold in jan or latest by the next summer. Just can’t suffer through that guy.
  2. I dont understand how Morata changes under Sarri or any other manager for that matter. Does his finishing suddenly improve? Does his hold up play become better? We cant keep pinging balls into him in the box and become a rich stoke, can we? All the names being touted (Lewa, Icardi, Higuain) are on a complete different level compared to Morata even if 2 out of 3 are in their 30s. They are actual world class player and instantly improve the squad. There is literally no reason we should be sticking with morata.
  3. I had read somewhere that he has a problem where he cant play/train in cold weathers. Condition is known as Chilblains, where the person gets small, itchy swellings, on the skin that occur as a reaction to cold temperatiures. I dont know how treatable/untreatable it is.
  4. Really happy for RLC to get the call up. Hope he gets to showcase his talent in the world cup. A decent world cup would seal his place in the squad with us without a doubt. Also with EL, him, Ampadu, Andreas, CHO can get a good launching pad.
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