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  1. Raphinha to arsenal makes no sense to me he plays in sakas position, none of them will be happy on the bench.
  2. That's only like saying who's saying we are going to a back four? You? Doesn't have the players? He's had transfer windows, so surely if he wanted 433 he would of made steps already?
  3. Chances of us going to a 4 back is highly unlikely. He may not have had full controls of transfer before but did have full control of the team.
  4. Do you even watch football? Declan rice has been class....
  5. Watch him in a Brazil shirt, he's brilliant
  6. I dont think he would mind going there and been the star
  7. If I remember rightly last season we constantly had possession and could never do anything with it, getting a player like eriksen for free helps any team , doesn't mean he will be a regular starter but would prove highly useful.
  8. Yea absolutely no room here for a guy you can bring on to totally change the dynamic of a game and switch up play for free is there wtf was I thinking.
  9. Still doesn't deflect that since he arrived he carried them haha
  10. I'd take him on a free bascally carried that Brentford team on his own.
  11. Am sorry what? So all these "lower teams" should simply be in the league to accommodate Chelsea man utd Liverpool etc earn more money from TV rights while they get the bottom of the barrel? Same league same money its as simple as that. And ypur right Roman put so much into the team and league we are lucky very lucky. What happens for instance if Newcastle go crazy man city keep getting stronger other rich owners come buy these "lower teams" which btw will happen and we find our self's in 10th to 13th every season will you still have the same shitty attitude then? Or is your opinion on the matt
  12. Blackpool got the money, Sunderland Huddersfield etc they all got the money Notts forest got up leeds got up Huddersfield Brentford clubs make it up without that money. To say it's blocked isn't true at all
  13. Lower clubs? I don't agree that clubs with owners not as rich as some should receive less money from the EPL. You simply can't say because we are Chelsea we are entitled more then say Brighton, don't u ever forget that we once was a lower club, so have some respect and don't turn your nose up at clubs like we used to be.
  14. Your not wrong. But I think it will get worse before it gets better. 60 mill is the new 30 100 mill is the new 50 etc etc, I heard now I don't know if this is facts but this haaland transfer will total 250m in the end.
  15. A player is worth what a club values them at why sell for 35 if u can get 65? These clubs know how much money teams have nowadays, as my Leeds fans pals would say pay big or fuck off lol.
  16. Least we don't have to pay his wages and get 8 to 10 million this year so not to bad
  17. Both come hand in hand, sad part about all this is he was our top goal scorer lol
  18. He could of been great his piss poor attitude let him down
  19. 99% of twitter posts are bullshit. I don't see it I think if he leaves Leeds he will stay in the EPL
  20. If you actually sit and think about it for once in a long time we are being smart. Going for a proven Premier league player rather than some 1 season wonder. I think sterling is a brilliant player and will add a completely different attacking approach to our game. Some of his finals balls In a city shirt were incredible, say all you like about he was good because of that team but in that team he also showed some phenomenal solo plays and passes. Great players make a great team, and he's a great player the only reason he's leaving city is because foden and grealish will now take on that role a
  21. I dont think Barca can afford him tbh. They are struggling to finalise free transfers never mind a 65/70. I'll speak to some of my mates who are leeds fans and see whats the crack.
  22. Is sterling back up? Man city rotate that much its hard to know if they are back ups or key players.
  23. If he's an okay player then we will deffo buy him.
  24. I have a few places I'd like to put forward for that.
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