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  1. Werner playing just off giroud? Or on the wing
  2. Just hoping we can get a bag full today and inject some confidence in our forward players!!!
  3. I dont expect Klopp like football under Frank and I never will. Just because he is a inexperienced underqualified manager doesn't mean I have to accept these performances from him. We would do much better with a worldclass coach, you've got to admit that. I've never denied that, but we have what we have, frank aint going no where so me personally ill get behind the team n hope it works, its either that or get far to stressed over something I have no say in
  4. I no playing to girouds strengths... its absolutely ridiculous
  5. Fan boy? I've supported this club for 27 years pal, secondly like I said Frank is inexperienced what do u expect klopp like football? Obviously the board will back their manager but that isn't going to make him world class over night. You blame Frank Frank Frank all I hear is how Frank this Frank that any 1 actually thought hang on a second the players have some blame here actually ALOT, if u take time to watch Frank speak n listen to what he says its clear he's giving the team the right instructions and advice. Yes his tactics might not be what u want n ever other I wanna play like Liverpool
  6. How u gunna blame lampard for taking the chelsea job seriously?
  7. We have chillwel n mendy on the field do t start with the 250m crap already. Don't hate on lampard a new inexperienced manager blame the board for hiring him takes years to craft your skills n how u want u play. Either get on board with it or go watch some 1 eles because I doubt it will change
  8. Well for a start we are winning, and the point lampard has made a point by benching players really dunno what u expect after a few days
  9. God if u wasnt watching the game n just looked on this thread u would think we r down 4-0
  10. Can any 1 give me a proper reason why we don't play with Giroud and werner as a 2?
  11. Also am sure we are the 2nd English team to beat Sevilla at home 1st been man City
  12. Best signing for me atm as good as the others have been, he has made all the difference at the back
  13. The fact that we are having an international break itself is a disgrace, and a kick in the teeth for us all who have been put on lock down again
  14. Haha maybe im actually Frank. Who knows Maybe......!! Maybe we r all Frank!
  15. This is a must win! This team is a league winning team, come on lamps show us u got what it takes now bud!
  16. He hasn't done his press conference yet its expected that lock lock downs are scrapped and we are handed a 4week stay at home order
  17. I heard sone thing about a proper national lock down any truth in that?
  18. Just sat here waiting for the mount haters.... just so I can destroy them lol
  19. Lampard missed 7 pens, its just one of those things.
  20. Let's be honest he missed it happens, that should really be the end of it. Lampard himself missed 7
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