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  1. 1 minute ago, Unionjack said:

    Youre preaching to the converted bruv., I'll be screaming my damned fool head off tonight. Be off soon to get the vocal chords well lubricated. 1st game of the season n all they're a bit rusty!  Show these fuckin Pikeys whos in charge of London!

    haha yeah wtf did our government give a load of pikeys a stadium like that for lol

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

    I think Lukaku will be a good move for him and us. With Conte hopefully going to use 2 up front at times this season having him and Diego would be devestating. And Bats in on as sub on rotation would keep everyone happy and fresh. Plus it will give Costa the push e needs as hes always been assured of starting. 2 other great strikers will make sure hes trying. Plus Costas looking happier (and healthier) than I've seen him.

    Im happy with oiur wingers. Eden and Moses buth different but are going to be on fire. Cuadrado IMHO is more attack minded than Willian and likes staying wide plus getting behind defenders..

    We get that CB and LB sorted and I see us being in the mix up at the end.

    Yeah defo a couple of key defenders short. Everyone banging on about Utd and City, let us remind them we are the team to beat. Pep has only managed in a one or two team league before, Jose seemed to be losing his marbles a bit last season. Why not us?

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  3. 39 minutes ago, Jason said:

    Let's not get carried away with Liverpool, just because of one win against Arsenal and especially against an Arsenal side missing their key defenders. Granted, they don't defend well with their first choice defenders but certainly won't have been as bad as yesterday. If anything, yesterday's game summed up Liverpool under Klopp - look decent going forward but rubbish at the back and one minute they look brilliant, the next absolutely appalling. The only reason people are regarding them as legitimate contenders for anything is because of Klopp but put him aside for one minute and you'll realize they aren't all that great. A few decent players and a whole bunch of average ones in the team. There's not one player you can genuinely say 'he's world class and will walk into any of the best clubs' first XI'.

    Hope you're right lol. tbh though Klopp has a good track record, and the scousers actually played quite consistently well for the last ten games or so of last season. Their defeats came when they rested pretty much their whole team as they focused on the europa league Commentator said they scored more PL goals than any team in 2016, and they have just got rid of Skrtel and Kolo, so it just remains to be seen what their two new CBs are like. That moreno is a tool though, let's hope they keep him. Feel free to remind me you're right when they fall apart against a newly promoted team sometime soon hopefully :D

  4. On 8/4/2016 at 8:22 PM, The Skipper said:

    I'd be more willing to give Batshuayi a chance than sign Lukaku to be honest. We need another attacking player, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a pure striker like Lukaku. I wouldn't mind if we signed a top winger and moved Hazard central as a second striker, for example. 

    Yeah but an injury to Bats and if Diego sulks around all season again and we'l be well short. Having said that I guess we dont have europe (man that's gonna be hard to get used to!) so dont need as big a squad

  5. 9 hours ago, Gilvorak said:

    Watching Coutinho & Mane take Arsenal apart yesterday is why I'm adamant we desperately need to improve our RW position. Mane would've been a great option to bolster our attack.

    Watching Arsenal fall apart was beautiful, but watching the scousers destroy them was a little worrying. Hate to say it but I think they will be up there. Their array of young attacking midfielders is impressive. They just need to grow a back bone and not fall apart against the lesser sides. Totally agree about Mane, looks some player

  6. Really looking forward to seeing Batshuayi and N'Golo. Last season was so rubbish, let's hope they freshen things up. Leicester might very well have sold us the reason they won the title judging by their performances yesterday!

  7. 20 minutes ago, Special Juan said:


    Ivanovic Cahill Terry Azpilicueta

    Kante Matic

    Willian Oscar Hazard


    That's the team I reckon.

    Costa better perform this season after his childish train wreck of an effort last season! Hope he gets back to his best, and/or hoping we get Luka - a player we should never have sold and won't spit his dummy out when things aren't going his way.

  8. Really looking forward to seeing Batshuayi and N'Golo. Last season was so rubbish, let's hope they freshen things up. Leicester might very well have sold us the reason they won the title judging by their performances yesterday!

  9. 4 hours ago, The Skipper said:




    New LB--New CB--Zouma--Azpi


    For me, the best team. While Zouma recovers, I'd play JT. It's not a bad team at all though. 

    I just worry about Costa. At the top level there is no room for players whose form and temperament can swing so wildly. If we have the Costa of the season before last then who needs another striker. If not then we need Luka back. Should probs get him just in case

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  10. 40 minutes ago, Pizy said:

    Good. They both have their place. Against the strongest opposition I'm not sure it's a great idea to play with two strikers. Maybe if we had a better partner for Kante, but our current players would get overrun. We need to pack the midfield against teams like City, United, Spuds. Against lesser opposition we can play two up top.

    I like to see a fluid system in which the second striker is just as at home up top as he is in the number 10 role, wingers can then bomb forward/hang back, meaning 1 minute it could be a 4 4 2 and the next a 4 2 3 1 or 4 3 3. Fabregas should be a good enough partner for Kante but has been a shadow of his former self at times, wonder if Conte (damn I'm going to get these two names confused so often) can get him playing like he was during his best gooner years

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  11. Really interested to see how our new man is going to shape up against the cream of the world's managers. Gutted to see Jose go last season, though was starting to suspect his ego/the pressure was getting to him and he was beginning to crack up. Never seen such a great club as we are go from so terrifying to so terrifyingly bad in a matter of months. Let's hope he does the same to United. Fascinating season coming up though. Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Wenger, not forgetting Pochettino and Ranieri, and Bilic and Koeman could yet surprise a few people too. If our new man can come out on top against that line up of rivals he will surely be seen as one of the greats of the modern game. Come on Conte!

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