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  1. 1 hour ago, ZAPHOD2319 said:

    When you look at the total skills, possession of the ball, defense, passing, distributing the ball, pitch awareness, and scoring....Pulisic is better at being a scoring threat and speed with the ball. Willian is still better at everything else, he just is not a winger that is looking to score all the time. Pulisic has serious potential, but I would not say he has a better all around game than Willian yet. Willian is consistent and doesn't dissappear for long stretches of the game.


    That's a lot of shit for a few lines. 

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  2. Why are there still so many people who defend this shit? It's amazing.
    He has the best life in the world, no matter what he does, he doesn't score goals, he doesn't give assists, he doesn't create chances, he doesn't do anything. Most overrated player in the history of the club, is treated like God.
    Genius because of your fucking ~~~~work hate~~~~. 
    Come on, FUCK OFF. 

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  3. Another terrible match. 

    Another terrible match. 

    Another terrible match. 

    Another terrible match. 

    Another terrible match. 

    How long is this son of a bitch starting the matches without deserving?

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