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  1. 51 minutes ago, Blue Colored Sky said:

    The second striker in Conte formation was creative player - either Vucinic, whose passing was excellent, or Tevez. I just cannot sensibly understand what is with these links with Lukaku.

    You still think that James is not for Conte liking ? We basically defend with strict 7 players so the 4 left should be of highest attacking skills. We won't cut it with 1-2 players.


    I think like the Mahrez rumours the James links aren't actually serious. Seems like our two major targets are Koulibaly & Lukaku. Conte seems content with the rest of the team.

  2. I truly hope we fail in our pursuit for a 3rd striker because no top team is playing with 2 9's. I know Conte favours workrate over technique first and foremost but he seriously doesn't believe we have enough creativity in our side right? If Hazard gets injured we are well & truly done for.


    We've been linked with CB's & strikers all summer but not fullbacks, AM hybrids or wingers. Looks like we'll be the same exact team we've been for the last 3 seasons, a workmanlike side utterly reliant on one player.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Alan Partridge said:

    Desperately need a CB and possibly a CM and striker, we go and buy a new keeper? 

    Welcome to CFC - where transfers are dragged out to the max and lacking areas aren't fixed. 

    Yep. It's only possible to sign one player at a time.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Alan Partridge said:

    Yeah, look how quickly Jose got his players at United. We are obviously still trying to haggle with fees but we finished 10th. Invest big now and let Conte pick his players in the long run it will save money. Rather that than sack another manager and pay them off and get in the odd few players every window. We are shit because since Joses first time hear no manager has had the opportunity to build their own team with decent investment 

    Dumb comparison. United are a much bigger club than us.

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  5. Just now, Jason said:

    Oh, surprised @Gilvorak hasn't jumped in here too! :lol:

    Workhorse performance, he'll dominate the midfield unlike Cesc just as I thought but lacks the vision & playmaking we so desperately need without him. A couple of moments of class but not enough.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, The Skipper said:

    This is why I think we're after another midfielder. Someone defensively capable but also someone who can start attacks well like Kante does. Maybe Chalobah could do that but not sure Conte trusts him. 

    Still holding my fingers out for Paredes. Conte revived Pirlo's career so I'm sure he knows the importance of a player of his ilk, can't handle another season of Matic being 1st choice. You think Fabregas stays beyond this window btw?

  7. Neville is a twat. He was clearly fatigued, had nothing to do with "walking pace" or any of that bollocks. He was subbed off for Moses for a reason.

    Anyway, elite season inbound. PoTY lock.

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  8. I thought he had a good game but I like him in a B2B role rather than the disciplined one he was given today. I know he's forced to play that position because Matic is a liability but Conte isn't making the most of his skills.

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  9. On 8/7/2016 at 2:20 PM, DYC. said:

    Seriously? Out of that list of players only Sanchez, De Bruyne and Payet are comfortably better and Payet has to show he can keep this up. Mahrez and Mkhi both reached a level Willian has never touched last season, agreed, but they were nobodies prior to 15/16 (Mkhi was decent at best before Tuchel). Martial is highly talented but has a lot to prove still, needs to find that consistency. Eriksen is on a similar level. Coutinho, no. Just no. Would always pick Willian over him in my team. Mane, Lamela, Sane and Sterling... Haha, that's just funny. And I say that as a Sane fan. He's all potential at the moment.

    Have to agree with that final part though. That would be nice (good luck finding that world-class option on the right though). That said, Willian is the least of Chelsea's problems.

    You still think Willian is better than Mane?


    This forum greatly overrates him for some reason.

  10. Does he have the makings of a top player or is he another Bamford? I haven't really kept up with youth football since the McEchran era.

    I know he has an insane goalscoring record at youth level but what about his technique, movement, pace, vision, passing, hold up play etc

  11. Are our fans really slagging off the board for not paying £50m for a CB that's only had 1 great season? :D

    Otamendi went for £32m last season, Hummels £30m this year, we're already overpaying by A LOT. Anyone claiming we've left it late is insane, we've been heavily linked with him since MAY!!!!


    £50m is what you pay for forward players. I'll be upset if we let De Laurentiis bend us over when we could steal Mahrez from Leicester for that amount.

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  12. 3 hours ago, nono said:

    His major positive is that he has a great work ethic. After that I don't see what he does. On the field he's often a black hole where the ball just goes and comes out on an opposing player's feet.

    Positives of Willian : 
    Great engine

    Negatives : 

    Can't beat his man. He has speed and technique but it's useless unless he has a head start which is maybe once a game.

    Can't cross

    Can't pass (loses the ball way too often)

    Can't score

    Can't assist enough


    Once we shore up the defense he won't really be that much of a defensive asset and his offensive flaws will get exposed even more.

    Should be converted to Right back imo. Could be our Marcelo.

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  13. 45 minutes ago, RuudiGullit said:

    Seems like Le Arse are going to make a move for him....

    We're busy chasing after Lukaku instead because Conte is fixated on playing with 2 strikers.

  14. I wish I was in charge of this club's transfers. Matic is a good player at times even great but he isn't top class because of his obvious weaknesses. I'd sell him to Juve and sign his replacement Paredes from Roma who's currently available.




    Hazard Cesc/Oscar Kante Mahrez



    That midfield is easily attainable if we had the ambition of a big club. The obvious weak link would be Cesc/Oscar which we could replace the following season.

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  15. If we're after a Defensive midfielder it should be Leandro Paredes. After Matic & Ramires a ban should be placed on donkeys with no technique.

    He's a perfect modern day defensive midfielder. With him & Kante on board we'd just need an elusive #8 like Pogba to complete our midfield.

  16. Just now, Fernando said:

    As opposed to having only Mikel as the only back up of Kante if Matic leaves to Juve?

    Yeah right, is the best option we can get right now. 

    He's a poor man's Kante not a pure DM.

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