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  1. 5 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

    Not popular opinion but under someone like Conte and gaining experience, Oscar could actualy end up as very good midfielder. Even the likes of Xavi got better after age 26, I certainly believe Oscar will be much better than he is now once he gains experience and matures (his head is in right place). 

    Now the question is if we are ready to wait 2 years or maybe even more.

    He is much better this season; his grit had come back, he creates chances and plays better most of the time, but I guess all this negative comments come from the fact that fans expect Oscar to play like Lamps and until he performs like that, people will never be happy with his performances.

    Exactly. We've controlled pretty much every game this season, unlike last year where we were getting absolutely dominated by virtually every team.

    I'm waiting until after the Liverpool game before I make my final assessment on his start to the season. If he plays well against a well coached Liverpool team then we can start rejoicing because maybe he's finally tuned a new leaf.

  2. On 9/11/2016 at 1:00 PM, MrExcalibur100 said:

    Absolutely disgraceful performance. I hope I'm not the only one that has noticed his unwillinglness to pass to Hazard, even when the latter is completely free. When he passes to him, it's like a last resort. This has been going on for quite a while now. And when Hazard doesn't get those initial touches, he has a hard time getting into the game, particularly in away matches like this.

    I can speculate on his reluctance to pass to Hazard, but I just don't care anymore. Oscar just go away from Chelsea. I'm sick of watching you play for us.


    Horrendous post. He was great, we've dominated every game with him in the team.


    Hazard was the one that was awful.

  3. I just think his scoring run is unsustainable at the moment. I want to see more varied finishes before we start declaring he's a future star.


    Wish I could watch a full match to watch his all round game.

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  4. Time to end my against him regardless of some of his flaws. He's been immense since Jose was sacked, movement, sharpness & finishing have both been back. Looks like the Atleti Costa again.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, MrExcalibur100 said:

    I was arguing with some ignorant people on twitter that Pogba is NOT a box to box midfielder. Defending and defensive awareness is not his game. Just amazing how ignorant some people are even discussing well known players. 

    He's absolutely a B2B midfielder. He's just not a holder. Put him in a 433 like De Bruyne today & he'd thrive.

  6. 13 minutes ago, LAM09 said:

    He is physically suited to this league, which Baba isnt. I agree he'll probably be found out on a few occasions, but he have to hope this deal has ended Iva's days at RB. We need a FB that can ACTUALLY cross for once.

    Think he'll get games against the midtable teams but I'll be shocked if he starts against top tier teams. The likes of Sanchez, Mane, Sterling, Mkhitaryan, Lamela etc would abuse him 1v1 simply because he lacks the pace to cope. There's a dearth of wingers in Serie A so he didn't go against those sort of players every week.

    I do agree he's our most talented fullback going forward although he isn't exactly a Marcelo in that aspect.


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  7. Lets be honest. He'll flop here, would've rather kept Baba. He's talented on the ball but he'll get exposed defensively by any top tier winger because he's as slow as snails.

    Really uninspiring signing by the club.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Styles said:

    Kalou > Pedro

    Tell me I'm lying.

    Boy was he underappreciated by our fans. Consistently got 10 goals a season for us. We haven't had a squad player as good as him since he left.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Bir_CFC said:

    His form is largely also because Conte is allowing him to play much higher on the pitch. He often is able to get 1 on 1 instead of the 2 or 3 on 1 he always used to encounter.

    And we'll get exposed against the better teams. He couldn't get the ball against Watford and we of course struggled until Cesc came on.


    Like you've said he's playing higher up the pitch & isn't forced to track back like he was under Mourinho because of the switch to 433 but his movement is restricted in this system, he's no longer allowed to drift all over the pitch to find space. When it works like it did today & against West Ham it's beautiful, Watford is an example of it not working.

  10. Back to being the best player in the League. So much hungrier this season, Conte has converted him into a killer. Great goalkeeping/defending prevented him from scoring 3 or 4.

  11. Much more tolerable now that he's no longer masquerading as an attacking midfielder. If only he didn't still look like a 10 year old though.

  12. He's won us 4 points but he's been really bad so far this season despite his much improved movement. Finishing, touch, decision making & predatory instincts have all been off.

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