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  1. Really can't see him staying beyond this summer especially if we win the double this season. He'll have won everything there is to win in English Football.


    From Hazard's POV, now's the absolute best time to make the move to Madrid.

  2. 4 hours ago, Special Juan said:

    Made some good saves but his distribution and decision making is utter shite.

    Eh? No it isn't lmao.


    His improvement in that aspect has been staggering.

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  3. 28 minutes ago, communicate said:

    I don't like fabregas in two man midfield unless we are chasing game. 

    Fabregas is the only reason this win streak is still ongoing. He has to start especially against teams that aren't Top 6 & are coming to the Bridge to park the bus. That Matic/Kante pivot has been found out against certain sides.

  4. He should be a starter until the Tottenham game. Teams have started figuring us out and we need as much creativity & goalscorers as possible in the team. His comments about his current role & what he offers to the team are bang on the money.



    "People forget it's only the second time in my life, in my whole career, I've played this system," Fabregas told the club's website.

    "My team-mates have played a lot more than me. Against Manchester City [in early December], it was a big test because it was the first game. I'm getting used to it, I feel very comfortable.


    "I have a lot of players in front of me so I can pick passes between the lines, they run into space and I have protection behind me. I'm really enjoying it and I think it suits me a lot."

    The 29-year-old's goal in midweek clinched Chelsea's 10th consecutive Premier League victory and coupled with recent slip-ups by rivals Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City, the Blues have a six-point lead at the top. 

    "People say I cannot defend but I recovered the ball, went forward and scored [against Sunderland]," Fabregas added. 


    "I know what I can do but the problem is I haven't had minutes, and if you don't play you can't show what you can do.

    "In football nowadays, people forget very quickly who you are, what you've done and what you can do. Hopefully now I can have a run of games to keep my fitness up and show what I can do.


    "We can compete. I've seen many times teams winning titles -- Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea -- where these 1-0 victories are so important. Hopefully we can keep it up."


    The Kante/Matic partnership has been found out in recent weeks.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, samzilla said:

    curious...what's the longest winning streak by a team that DIDN'T win the league?

    Liverpool in 13/14 won 11 straight games before the infamous bottlejob against us.

    EDIT: They had dropped 15 points at this stage of the season though while we've only dropped 8 points.

  6. We haven't beaten Sunderland at home in 3 years yet people think this is a straightforward game against a team fighting for their lives under the floodlights without our best player.

    We genuinely haven't played well for 90 minutes in over a month, some of you might want to curb your expectations. They've won their last two games since Anichebe was inserted in the team & have one of the deadliest strikers in Defoe who destroyed us last season.

  7. 4 hours ago, Styles said:

    Here's a clip with no commentary

    Love it.

    (I've watched this goal at least 50x now lmaoooo)

    The sound of the net bulging is one of the most pleasing sounds ever. Shame Tyler's commentary call for the goal was utter shit. Deserved a more exciting/hyped reaction.

  8. 3 hours ago, Beepu said:

    Disgraceful tackle by Aguero. That kind of tackle could potentially end a career. 

    Luiz was immense today though. But should he have walked from that aguero block?

    Still don't think that was a foul. Aguero milked the hell out of that instead of staying on his feet & having a free 1v1.

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  9. Did anyone not see the amount space Pedro got for his goal because Hazard attracted like 4 players attention wide on the right? Teams know if we stop him from receiving the ball & limit his space that we suddenly become ordinary. It's on Matic & Kante to get him on the ball as much as possible.


    It took like 15 minutes for him to finally get a touch and people are slagging him off lol.

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