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  1. If the ban sticks, there's no point in sacking Sarri. Chels aren't even candidates for the title or CL. No manager can change that so keep Sarri (and Hazard) if that's the case.

    If the ban does not stick, I'd like a different manager. I don't trust Sarri's eye for talent. If Chels had a proper technical director who would have the most say in player purchase and sales, then I wouldn't mind another season of Sarri at all. For example, Jorginho can never be the key man right in the centre of the pitch in a PL side with (future) title aspirations. The whole Alonso thing, Kovacic, Higuain... Chels don't want to be Napoli. Napoli didn't win shit. You need to turn it up at Chels.

    Whatever happens to Sarri, this squad is not the business. A confusing defence, a soft midfield and a pathetic front line. Hazard only with a year left on his contract. Same with Odoi. Two average strikers over 30. Chels still can't sign a proper fullback...

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  2. 1 minute ago, Laylabelle said:

    What's worrying is we have 4 games to go. 12 points so most we can get is 78..

    Man U can get 78 though one of those is against us

    Spurs 82

    And arsenal 81...


    Points will be dropped left and right. Question is who will drop the most points.

    I guess a decision will have to be made because I forgot about the EL for a sec. Either go for a top 4 finish or go for EL glory. This team can’t do both.

  3. I just realised Chels have turned into Arsenal. Soft and unbalanced.

    Top 4 still possible though. Let’s see if they have what it takes.

    Proper technical director, please. Poorly assembled squad. But if that transfer ban sticks, it’s going to hit Chels hard. 

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  4. Can't go into this game with the same game plan. Liverpool are fast and energetic all over the pitch, and they have a high-scoring forward line. The midfield battle will be very physical. Firminio will harass the holding midfield player (key position for Chels obviously).

    Chels will be less fatigued because of the rotation, but this is a game against a better side.

    Sarri must make changes. I'd go for this.


    Azpilicueta - Rudiger - Christensen - Emerson

    Kante - Luiz - Jorginho

    Odoi - Hazard - Cheek

    Caballero; Alonso; Kovacic, Barkley; Pedro, Willian, Giroud

    I just hope he finally shows us he can make changes in order to beat the odds. Do something.

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  5. I don't understand the Guardiola comparisons. Guardiola is an elite coach and a proven winner. Sarri is neither of those things. He’s more Pellegrini than Pep.

    I doubt Sarri will suddenly find great succes at Chelsea. I'm more interested in his successor and a new technical director. That will give me an idea of where Chels is heading.

    But I'm fine with him staying for another season if he's finally willing to give the young players regular playing time. Developing talent is crucial for Chels right now. The club obviously doesn't possess the purchasing power to bring in world-class players. Developing the likes of Reece James, Ampadu, Christensen, Cheek, Odoi (and others) and buying a couple of up and coming stars in key positions is the only way to compete in the long run.

    Chels can't compete with the Mancs' spending power anyway. And Liverpool assembled a team fitting a certain vision and have comfortably surpassed our team. This Chels squad is more a collection of random players. Need to finally stick to a plan and execute.

    But I do question whoever's in charge of transfers right now. And I’m not with Sarri taking charge of transfers either. Really need a proper technical director

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    or my mythical 3 1 3 3 that we are absolutely convinced is worth a go for a half



      Azpi                    Luiz                               Rudiger   


                      Kante (roving destroyer)


    RLC/Barkley       Jorginho                          Kovacic


    CHO                   Giroud/Higs                    Hazard

    That's too wild for me, haha.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Robchels said:

    fair enough, it just wasn't explicit and I've seen this mistake here in these forums quite a bit, so not entirely directed at your post.

    Sarri's system, as well as Guardiola simply do not have a DM. Take fernandinho from City: as a sole DM, or even pivot he's awful, but works in a possession system quite well.

    Keep the ball at all times and the opponent cannot attack.

    Sure, but RLC just isn't good enough to help there. Same with CHO. That's why we'd lack in numbers when playing stronger opposition. That's a problem for a diff time tho.

    Yeah I actually see Cheek as an old-school 4-4-2 wide midfielder. His body shape alone when receiving the ball in the centre of the pitch is off. Which is why he's often forced to turn backwards. His positional awareness has also always been lacking for me. Not to mention his stamina issues.

    He's at his best when he is facing goal with the ball at his feet, initiating transitions from defence to attack Andd he needs that space you get on the flank. Sadly he lacks that burst of accelaration and speed to be an out-right winger.

    I actually rate Odoi as a prospect. You don't attract this kind of attention and interest if you aint got the goods.

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  8. Just now, Robchels said:

    he doesn't. He plays a DLP role, like a Pirlo.

    Kante and the LCM should provide that support, but the system does not quite work. RLC as LCM does not quite provide that, hence my comment about using this lineup against strong opposition. 

    Come on, I can see that. I didn't say defensive midfielder, I said holding midfielder. As in the midfielder who sits deep.

    Agree with the last part. Though Cheek has never been tried at LCM. This is only his second start in the PL

  9. Jorginho can't play lone holding midfielder in the PL. He needs support if you're gonna play him.

    Both Kante and Jorginho are better suited to a double pivot in front of defence. He can continue to play his normal game but has less ground to cover. This allows Kante to play his normal game too. Kovacic is better suited to a midfield two as well.

    The balance with the lone holding midfielder is off. Making the defence appear (even) weaker.

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  10. On 22-3-2019 at 4:33 PM, communicate said:

    Nah Conte problem was letting Costa go. He is the perfect striker for super defensive team like Chelsea Conte. Finding a striker that can fight two CB without little service is almost impossible but Costa can do that.  Plus you can forget about RLC for Conte. He is not suited to Conte 343. 

    Letting Costa go was not the problem. He is done. Fetching that huge fee for him was a win for the club. The problem was his replacement who flopped spectacularly. Finding a quality striker is very difficult. Finding a quality striker playing ‘Chelsea-ball’ is extremely difficult. All those strikers flopping is no accident. Chelsea strikers never score 30+ goals in a season. I think Drogba is the only player to score 30+ goals in 06/07 & 09/10. We fans shower a striker with praise if he scores 15-20 goals even though we see forwards all over Europe scoring at a very high rate. Outside of those two seasons, Drogba’s peak tally was 16 (Lampard really was a gift from heaven). And when you think about that, isn’t it funny how Hazard is criticised for scoring 15-20 goals a season? Anyway, I disgress.

    Chelsea striker purchases is basically a lottery. 

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

    Shirley shum mishtake!

    I’d rather see Alonso in left midfield than leftback. I’ve always seen him more as a midfielder than a defender/fullback. His troubles at LB do not surprise me.

    And Chels is too soft and predictable in midfield for me. He’d add some physicality and Alonso can get into the box and cause trouble. Let Kante sit deep instead and support Jorginho, which allows Odoi to attack them hard on the right

    I know this is out of the box but that just how I think. I need Sarri to do something. He’s so rigid. People love comparing him to Guardiola but Pep makes (slight) tactical tweaks and employs players in different  positions all of the time. He’s nothing like that and he’s losing me because of it.

  12. Good move considering the circumstances. If he does well, Chels have a striker for 6-18 months. If he doesn’t do well, he goes back.

    I think a lot of people overrate Chelsea’s pulling power. It’s fun to fantasise about top talents and players joining the club but most of it is unrealistic. Chels can’t do much better than this in a winter window. That’s reality.

    I still think Lacazette is the among the most ideal strikers for this system. I wish the club would go for him but no noise sadly.

    I hope a fullback is added to squad as well. This team is in desperate need for new fullbacks on both flanks.

  13. Kante really has no business spending so much time in the attacking third.

    Odoi has a lot to learn still but you can’t tell me he’s not good enough to be a serious member of the first team. This is the type of talent that could explode at any time.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Clockwork said:

    You are wrong buddy, our FB play has everything to do with our inability to create chances against team that play narrow and deep. It is really just simple math, to create opportunities you need FB that can even the numbers against the opposition and force them to mark them and defend the space they occupy. Alonso and Azpi pose no threat on and off the ball, makes it very easy to concentrate the middle. 


    I was talking about Zappacosta and Emerson. They wouldn’t do jack against stronger opponents. They’re not good enough.

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