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  1. Loooooooong! time no see but CONGRAZZLES Chelsea! 8D . on the side note! KANTE Is what old ksi woulda called, A BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST
  2. if you want a food idea, curry poured on top of some pepperooooni pizza it's godly like the pancake drilling itself into my eye sockets right now ow ... that hurt
  3. Anyone having problems getting to the last pages in the forums on firefox? also i really wanna change my name, but i have been up tight about what i want... i want maybe something to reflect "sarah"
  4. I'mma predict a 2-1 for this one (to us), just feel it for some reason
  5. would be nice to have a proper striking black and white kit like we had around 08 09, nike could pull that off real well
  6. It's kind of identity-less for me to be fair, remove the juventus and it just looks like one of these "Minimalist" brand logos, nothing with a distinct identity
  7. I don't really have much bad feelings towards mourinho, he left us with good memories and sure he poofed up into a cloud of smoke in the end, But i think he still will be a part of us no matter what :'D Conte on the other hand is such a cute!, Kinda makes me look forward to where can go from now on with him, Would be happy to let him some extra say in transfers and give him some backing too.
  8. Guys i cant decide on what to name myself so. Ashy, Zashyo, Ashidoo, are some i was thinking of, but im open to SUGGESHTONS !
  9. Doing much better nowadays!, i'll share more some other time though :'). Hazard with some amazing work though
  10. Darmian shoulda been booked, quite a dangerous challenge
  11. Heyo! my first match back here :'), and for those knowing me... kinda ironic this is the match how is everyone? (even if off topic)
  12. I would say the 04-08 team was a bit more... powerful? Specially the first mourinho and maybe the hiddink - ancelotti teams?
  13. Anyone know how to get your name changed around this bit? i'd like to change mine :"D
  14. I would keep an eye out for martial in ibra's absence, He's a pretty tricky player that could cause some issues. specially so as he's shined when ibra has been absent in game from what i seen Also this might be my first match back here C: i hope i can join ya guys for when it happens
  15. How is everyone doing? Me personally i'm doing better nowadays, a lot better :')
  16. Looks nice and different!, i was kinda afraid of something a bit urf first time out, but those look properly nice and solid.
  17. RESUBBED 8D. i do a little gaming videos myself somewhat but gosh i shall try do some fanart when i can C:
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