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  1. Why the hell did no-one inform me about his contract situation? 

    Anyway as he's been slowly falling out of favour over the past 3 seasons can't blame him for leaving. China is a bit too cynical for my taste but he's given this club enough to get a free pass on that. 

    Hope I'll manage to find a Chelsea kit with his name on within the next few years.

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  2. On 11/6/2016 at 6:58 AM, Cosmin said:


    And dude, really, if you haven't been able to watch these games, I am very sorry for you. My advice would be to do the impossible if necessarry, in order to watch the next game :D  


    Someone was saying that we still need reinforcements and I agree with him. I'd also like to add that, if we keep playing and winning like this, it will be much easier to attract players. They will beg their clubs to be allowed to sign for us. Who wouldn't want to play for such a strong and beautiful team with such a fantastic manager? 


    Trust me I'm beating myself over it but 50+h weeks don't allow for much recreational time. Especially bitter since the Everton game is meant to have been our best football since early 2010.

    Wonderful sum-up btw, thank you for it. I wonder though if there's some further context or nuancies missing from your #2. Was it as simple as a 180 by Conte following getting trashed by Arsenal (which could suggest things are not going as much according to whatever summer's "plan" was as I'd prefer, not that adaptability isn't important but still) That ESPN interview seems to suggest that's the case. Were there any key injuries adding to that decision?

  3. Do we have a function to view the most "liked" posts in a thread? I've unfortunately not been able to watch a single 90 this season and have yet to form my mind one way or the other about him. Alternatively, could anyone describe the main pro and contra camps (it's never too early for those to form)?

  4. On 4/7/2016 at 2:40 PM, LDN Blue said:

    @Kostas is this how you're going to solve our problems? Direct action? :lol: 

    Overly delayed biannual post telling you to piss off and not compare me to that talentless prick :D

    Also, KTBFFH ;)

  5. I have to say that I respect the endurance of the people still arguing about Mourinho as opposed to his sacking in this thread. If we can't even agree on whether he is one of the best managers in the world or a pretender who got lucky winning the CL twice no wonder this discussion is moving in circles.

    Maybe 2 different post sacking threads would work better? One for the optimistic "our post 2012 project can continue" and one "we sacked our best manager ever, who are we as a club"?

    I always thought he'd coach City before Utd. But maybe they want to continue in the style they've been playing.

    Is City's football supposed to be anti-Mourinhoesque?

    Haha ! hes like reuters news agency

    I always suspected he was a bot. I mean, why else would someone care so much about the most random online drivel enough to both go looking for it and bringing it over to the board?
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  6. it would take too long but in a nutshell .. some things are more important than tin cups ,, I am now thought to be one of the most negative moaners on here .

    hope you are well and things in Greece are improving

    Sounds like a position based on principle(/ethics?) rather than purely utilitarian concerns. Am I on the right track?

    Greece is actually getting increasingly worse :/ Glasgows been treating me fine through ;)

  7. I thought you were the ALL seeing Oracle .. can't you see JT is off to Spurs in January ..mm seriously WELCOME BACK

    Thanks! Can't say if it will be for too long this time around.

    Must admit I was very surprised to see your vote in this thread's poll, especially given how you tended to support players/managers for a longer period than most, care to give me a quick rundown of your rationale?

  8. Hahaha well it had to be something enormous to bring you back here.

    A CL final or a relegation would have worked just as fine. I feel like I'm too old to be bothered about managerial BS anymore. That's modern football I guess.. It could only get worse if JT moves to the MLS or something instead of retiring here.

  9. Does this tarnish Lamps legacy? Is he not a legend? Is he a traitor or Judas?

    Do you see the world in absolutes? I know I don't.

    To attempt to give you an answer:

    Certainly to a degree. Yes he is. No, those words are too strong.

    Also, to tackle something I saw earlier in the thread. I could understand the sort of denial that is needed to say that the move makes no difference to someone but arguing that Lampard had no say in it is absurd. He's a multi-millionaire not a modern slave.

    Offtopic: Glad to see so many of you still active(ly lurking ;) ) :tophat:

    Guess there's a certain sort that sticks around and another that bails.

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  10. This from the last page....


    Sounds like he's gotten a fair bit more defensive. Can't say that I mind but it's not as exciting as signing a top class box-to-box player.

  11. Anyone feeling charitable enough to point me to the best read regarding how he's developed since he left Chelsea?

    Call me weird but I can't muster much enthusiasm for a 2009 signing.

  12. Penalty shoot outs are an absolute lottery.

    I don't necessarily disagree, nor do I treat the following with anything less than extreme skepticism, but I think this might be an interesting read for you.

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  13. He's not a teenager.

    Thank you for your valuable insight.

    at least he was man enough to step up and take one.. shows his maturity at his age and determination to impress.

    Agree that it shows determination but in no way was that a sign of maturity, unless you somehow think that immaturity is more about holding back rather than being careless. In any case the decision to have him take the pen was immature, no matter who took it.

    Jose did. He spoked with Romelu and he pointed his finger at him and Romelu said: OK.

    :banghead: if true. But I will need source.

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  14. Do we have any information on who was the absolute retard that decided that he was to take the last penalty? I have serious doubts Jose would instruct an emotional teenager to take the last pen so I can only assume he requested it.

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