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  1. 5 minutes ago, Atomiswave said:

    I  seriously dont understand what some of you guys want, we are light years better than before and we are trying to win games and stay solid. No what was boring was Sarii, FL was just disaster footy. The man has been here for few months yet you expect us to win and play super footy while being super solid. Adjust them expectations.

    According to some people, in the 3 months since Tuchel has been here, we should have become  defensively solid, fluid in attack, exciting and on top of that - winning matches. 

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  2. This is  Jorgi's 6th consecutive game and I fear that he is going to burn out very soon.The signs were already there against Brighton - he looked pretty leggy in the last 30 minutes. We had no easy matches in that run but Gilmour should have played at least  once IMO. 

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  3. We looked exhausted. The midfield was not working and both Jorgi and Mason looked extremely tired.And when we can't rely on our energy, we are done. We just don't have world class players who can win us these types of games when the fitness levels are below average.

    This draw can bite us in the ass at the end of the season but the fight is far from over. 

  4. Mount improved in the second half and was definitely the only one out of all our attackers to create something...I did not understand the persistence to play with 3 CBs when we had less than 20 minutes to play and we weren't getting the ball into dangerous positions like  we did in the first 55-60 minutes. Our final pass was lacking the whole game but we lost a bit of control after the penalty and it was painful to watch. Southampton did their homework and overcrowded the middle and made us rely heavily on our WBs but they lack the pace  to go 1on1. CHO in for Reece would have been the better sub IMO. Poor performance and shit result but we didn't lose so I can live with that. 

    We have 3 massive games ahead of us which will demand better performances and I really hope we deliver. 

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  5. Tuchel has to act fast if we want to actually win this game. Tammy, as a lot of other posters said, is simply not Chelsea quality. Mount is active but his decision making today is lacking. The two defensive wing-backs don't help either...  

  6. 2 hours ago, Vesper said:

    Lol. Have you seen the insane amount of youth players who have left PSG because they saw no chance to play nor develop further?

    You can laugh all you want but his Dortmund side was notorious for its youthfulness. He bought 19-years old Dembele and made him a star. Weigl was the first name on the team sheet despite being 19 at the time. Pulisic was not even 19 when Tuchel started to counting more on him and he actually played more than CHO at the same age. Ginther was another nailed on starter and he was 21 at the time  IIRC. If that's not called developing youth players , I don't know what should be. 

    PSG was never about the youth and their investment on already proven players screams for an instant success,not for developing  their own academy prospects.


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  7. 42 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Everyones talking playing styles as if thats the most important. Someone who’s well respected as a coach who will improve and set high standards that the player will have to meet every week is a priority. Can keep the more progressive football if its going to be good one week, then 3/4 weeks where we don’t show up. We seen from Sarri and now Lampard where thats taken us. Maybe Tuchel would be different maybe not but there needs to be something because this is a young group and they need something/someone to put them en route to being a proper team. Not just a team that plays good football like Arsenal under Wenger after 2008 or whatever but were never truly competitive and struggled when games got shitty/tough.

    And we have seen with Conte and Jose's second term that pragmatic football was not sustainable in the long-term. And not only in the long-term, but in Europe too. We sacrificied our development for an instant success and we ended up in a complete mess. 

    Proactive approach doesn't  always mean Wenger levels of naivety. In fact almost all of the big teams have an attacking-minded managers. Liverpool and City are doing quite good with Pep and Klopp, Flick transformed Bayern, Ten Hag was praised for his Ajax CL run, Naggelsman too. 

    I don't think Lampard and Sarri are good examples. Frank is inexperienced and although he has good ideas, I am yet to see him implementing  them. Being attacking-minded is far from enough and he has shown it. Sarri had a squad that was far from suited to his style.And he  insisted on only   one way of playing despite the lack of quality we had in attack. 

    Tuchel seems to me as  way more flexible tactically than Sarri. Not to mention how much more experience he has  than Frank. I am not saying he will be the roght choice but he is the one I am the most keen on. Allegri inherited a winning squad which had already been developed by Conte.Squad that had a rock-solid defence with some of the best CBs in the world and a fantastic midfield. We have a completely different situation here. Young squad with a lot of exciting talents in attack that don't seem to know what to do. 

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