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  1. I hope Bulka gets a bit of playing time... or maybe we get to see Rob Green
  2. Honestly, I'd want either him for Lallana to join us and be our attacking central midfielder. But considering Lallana's injury problems, I'd say Ramsey would be really great for us. Has an eye for goal, works hard and we get to weaken the Arse.
  3. Let's not pretend like there's not a ton of English fans saying stupid shit too... especially on Twitter.
  4. Gotta say, seeing Drinky play yesterday was so weird. He looked like he wanted to play in Jorginho's position (even though we've seen him be quite attacking like his first game for us last season, idk who he played against but I remember him almost scoring and making good runs) and then he would try and push forward but then run to get back in position, only to not have the pace to recover. Still though, I think it's possible he can be a good rotation option. To me, he looks like he's lacking some confidence.
  5. I feel as if people are too critical about RLC after he gets 15 mins of football (at a time when we made big changes and weren't even playing that well) having come back from holiday a few days ago, trying to adjust to an entirely new Sarri system. What I did see was RLC running about a bit more than I've seen him do for Southgate's England which indicates to me that he's at least giving a shit. Poor penalty, yes, but I have faith that he'll improve and show us how good he is. Solid option to have off the bench.
  6. Judging by his recent interview, he seems like a well spoken guy with a great attitude. Welcome, Rob!
  7. Plus it will be much easier for him to get used to his surroundings and just play football - I don't know how strong the teams are but I can imagine Frank's Derby pushing for promotion. That would be a good challenge for Mason, especially if he's starting most of the games, right? I don't think sending players out on loans constantly is good for them... especially if they're going out to different countries each time. This is probably best for another topic but I do think it must be quite hard to have to live in a new area every season and to try and impress the boss, especially when they
  8. Jesus Christ, they better not sell Kante. They could offer us 300 million and I'd still hope we say no. I can't imagine who we replace him with and I'm also sure that Kante wouldn't even necessarily push for a move away. Dude seems happy where he is, challenging for trophies and I'm sure he's settled.
  9. Damn it, if he truly IS gone, then I wish Antonio the very best going forward. Such a great coach, such a likable man and he gave me some of the best memories I've had of football in recent times! I'm really sad he's gone. I do think the board fucked up big time (expecting him to compete, having lost Matic & Costa, plus getting an inexperienced Baka, Daddy Drinkwater and Morata) and if Conte had a top CM and RW (as I assume we will get for Sarri, for example, Jorginho has apparently completed his medical), he could've done a lot better. Feels so strange to be saying goodbye to An
  10. Begovic Azpi - Terry - Luiz - Alonso Fabregas - Kante - Oscar Moses - Costa - Hazard Assuming that things go well, we should have maybe Chalobah, RLC and Batman come on for some time.
  11. Jesus people are acting like he's Hitler with the 'die' and shit like that.
  12. All I want is for Fabregas to score the winner. That would be fuckin hilarious.
  13. I feel for Leicester, they really need to buy a CM who can do the job Kante did for them but that can be so hard...
  14. "He's just got to do an Eden Hazard and slot it home"
  15. http://www.eplstream.net/matches/chelsea-vs-watford-live-stream.php This is the best stream I have but the volume is set so fucking low...
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