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  1. This is really a dangerous game to play, to just defend.
  2. The players are ready to put there their health to win this game
  3. Hopefully a good change. Come on Puli, captain America, finish the job!!!
  4. If I was shitting it before the game, I don't know how to call the current situation... COME ON BOYS!!!
  5. The feeling now is actually even worse because we actually have a real chance of winning this. It is the hope that kills you lol.
  6. Also, Kai showing REAL emotions. Fantastic goal, fantastic moment. I would donate one of my balls for a clean sheet now!!
  7. HT with a totally unexpected result! 45 minutes away from GLORY FIGHT BOYS FIGHT
  8. I am not able to cope for another 45 minutes, especially with this close gap. But still prefer to be on the winning side than losing lol
  9. Ederson could have been off, clearly handled the ball outside the box
  10. Kai scoring in this final brings tears to my eyes. HOLD ON BOYS!!
  12. Can Thiago do a Ronaldo and coach us to the glory like CR7 in EURO??
  13. It fucking hurts to see Thiago not able to finish this game...
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