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  1. I get it, transfers and negotiations and stuff, but a couple of hours ago he called it as completely blocked. Now here we go. He sure likes to talk and be the one.
  2. Milan


    Never forget his first words as an Arsenal player - 'One of the reasons I wanted a three-year deal was to be part of a plan, not just a player passing through. When I talked with the manager he told me why he needed me for three years. It was that he first wanted to qualify for the Champions League and win it by the time I left. That was what I wanted to hear.'
  3. Actually, it was not. Not until that fraud Dean decided to hand them a massive help.
  4. Studs up and hits an opponent's leg. An okay tackle, someone says. What does Ruben need to do to win that? Have his leg broken? Unbelievable.
  5. Taylor and Dean - two evils in the Premier League.
  6. VARchester United strikes again! HOW is that not a foul on Ruben from Pogba?
  7. Wolves are woeful when they are supposed to score.
  8. Traore's final ball is absolute tragic.
  9. I just watched this particular action several times and we really, really messed it up. Lukaku could have played Havertz 1v1 quite easily but passed to Mount. Fair enough. But Mount could have passed to Havertz for a tap in but again, a wrong choice of action. Damn it, 0-2, game over. But I know Tuchel and his team will analyse this and will see this. And in the course of time, the chemistry will get stronger and stronger. But next time, keep Havertz on the pitch. With him, even with 10 men we might have a chance to score as he has that extra edge, extra spark Mount is lacking. Mount
  10. I would have slammed the hand Mane is putting on Reece's face in this situation!
  11. The front three just have not clicked yet. Mount, Havertz and Lukaku had multiple counters but the final ball was missing. Otherwise no one could have argued if it was 3-0 to us. Right, Lukaku had some moments where he lost the ball from his feet but wait until he fully settles and is at full fitness.
  12. What?? There is an international break now? FFS International football is sooo boring and soooo off when the Leagues are already underway. Damn
  13. And he could have won it in the end, such a shame because that winner would be celebrated like hell!
  14. Tuchel has already proved that this Chelsea team can quite easily beat the top teams. We could have been returning to London with a victory tonight if it weren't for the red card. It is the lower league teams that we need to keep collecting victories if we are serious about our title challenge.
  15. Klopp can also get away with a murder. He can 'kill' the fourth official in words but nothing happens.
  16. Also, @OneMoSalah Can you bloody change your username? It is a disgrace
  17. I understand that Mount is a workhorse but does not offer that extra edge, extra spark Havertz has in his locker. But fair enough, Tuchel and the team went to the second half with the aim not to lose. Hard to argue with that.
  18. hahaha Azpi's face after listening to Klopp the twat
  19. Look, I am perfectly fine with today. In normal circumstances we would leave a title contender stadium with 3 points. But Anthony Taylor happened.
  20. Taking off Havertz was a big mistake I feel.
  21. that's a yellow again not given
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