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  1. Remember the chant from just a few months ago? 'We’ve got Super Frankie Lampard, he knows exactly what we need, Tomori at the back, Tammy in attack, Chelsea’s gonna win the Champions League.' Well, we won the CL but sooo without those 3 lol. All 3 gone basically.
  2. Another goal of the tournament candidate lmao
  3. I am usually a big, big Poland fan. I love the country, I like Lewy. But he seems to be the real danger to Kante’s chances when it comes to Ballon d’Or so I am torn lol.
  4. What I like about him the most is the fact that he just does not mess around, he simply goes for it. Plus he has a real bomb in his foot. I mean, he can seriously blast it.
  5. Hlozek will go places. Sparta has a real gem in their hands but not for long for sure. A real talent. I like his physicality as well, not a tiny winger.
  6. Schick just said that he knew straight away what he was going to do before the second goal.
  7. I am very, very surprised by the way the Czechs performed. Defensively quite solid, even without Kudela who would be one of the first teams on the team sheet, and offensively some attacks were really promising with a lot of attempts. Vaclik with a couple of fantastic saves and Schick with the goal of the tournament candidate. I expected nothing and got this performance, great!
  8. I can somehow, somewhat feel some bitterness in the interview.
  9. Lol Ake comes in while being 2-0 up and suddenly 2-2
  10. Sterling has been such a joke for years now. I can’t believe someone still sees something special in him.
  11. I find the Sterling inclusion even more shocking.
  12. Now broken bone in a face in the Belgium game. Horrible day.
  13. It was aired way more than it should have been I believe almost everywhere. The Czech TV also showed way more than I could actually handle.
  14. I feel the worst has just happened. Cancel the tournament asap
  15. I am afraid Soyuncu would not last long in a men prison…
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