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  1. Guys I'm bored.


    I want bring up a topic about incest love for if you had a sexy hot sister and incest wasn't illegal and getting your sister pregnant and having a baby with sister wouldn't turn your baby into some damaged inbred messed up.


    I want you to know the ILLUMINATI lied about incest being illegal so that you don't have a relationship with your sibling. because they wouldn't make money or profit from a successful brother and sister relationship.


    If I had a sister. I would fuck her brain's out.



  2. By the time it hits the Friday just before premier league season starts on the Saturday our hopes and dreams for the 2018/2019 season will be over.


    With getting any great new players signed on.


    The world cup ruining our preseason matches and International champions cup tour.


    With Roman Abramovich having restrictions on entering England with his Israeli Passport.


    It's going to be worse than the season we finished 10th.



  3. It don't matter my sexy beautiful masculine and feminine TalkChelsea members who Chelsea get as Manager because our Club is run by Marina and the rest of the business minded and not football intelligent rich men.

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  4. Just so you know all Billionaires and Trillionaires worship the devil.


    In this world all billionaires are souless piece of shit cunts in general.


    All who worship money shall and be unacceptable for entrance into harmony with the creator.


    Money is the root of all things evil.







  5. i have no fucking idea how manchester united board decided to bring in mourinho when he was sacked in mid december 2015.

    did the mufc board not see and how mourinho is bad for a team or club that needs to go under the radar.

    mourinho is not worth the risk yet clubs still bring him in.

    mourinho needs to get his head checked and a brain surgeon needs to have a brain scan on mourinho with the absolute shite jose mourinho says before and after games.

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