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  1. We cannot break down defences....we cant defend........And our vulnerable times are near the end of each half, we just fall asleep. Frank has changed nothing about this team in the last couple of months. His huge lack of experience is showing and I fear for his job.

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  2. Look guys we are kidding ourselves if we still think we are a top four side. I said at the start of the season we would finish about eight and I still stick with that. There are many teams better organised both defensively and offensively than us in the league. We are living on our reputation, and thats dangerous

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Jason said:

    Seriously, did Giroud do something to upset Lampard? Didn't even get a single minute despite Batshuayi being horrendous all game! 

    He's off.. And will be more saleable if he's still eligible for the cup..That's my thinking on it. And yea Bats was pure shite, but we were not in any danger of losing.

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  4. Have to say this......I love that kit :D:D No sponsors ruining it, and no stupid designs or hidden messages. Just plain, simple and beautiful. Just hope we bring on Osgood and Hutchinson in the second half.:P

    And the first half...Yeah we were good, but Forest are pure shite :blush:

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  5. We are just way too predictable, and this makes us too easy to play against. Defenders pass to midfield, who then give a one touch back to the defence who then play it across the back line, then attempt a worldie pass to Willian   and we lose out.

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