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  1. He'll play on the left side and cut in, that's his best position. He'll beat a few players and either score or lay a few chances on a plate for Torres. Same goes for Sanchez, except he won't cut inside as much and provide much needed width on the right side. Neymar won't track back, but Sanchez will.
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  2. Alan SHearer is a pathetic cunt. He seems offended by the fact that Torres signed for Chelsea. As a former player, you should support other players because you've experienced such moments. but that bastard keeps on saying how poor Nando is. he cant utter anything else. I think the problem is not Nando, I cant judge him right now. I have been supporting him since the transfer. The whole team is a mess. Its a shame he came at a time when the team was wobbling. even our usual strikers don't score anymore. Drogba stuck at 10 goals, Berbatov at 21 OMG. Nando will come good, but the team has to pla
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