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  2. Not at all confident for the run in without him. We will miss him badly vs westham and real... maybe we have a chance of winning the fa cup with him back tho.
  3. Gigs been charged for assaulting 2 women........if that shit was JT he would be hanged by now.
  4. Another netflix disaster class in the name of Thunderforce, just a boring super woke waste of time. Now Mortal Kombat that just got released is def worth a watch.
  5. What absolute horse shit this is, a vital piece missing at a crucial time
  6. The truth really, must have been a shock going from FL to TT with all due respect to Franky
  7. Today
  8. Not sure if this was posted in here yet but wow... not a truer word spoken by J.Barnes. Nail on the head.
  9. Lack of goals is a collective issue. From the front three having no understanding to the central midfielders and wing backs failing to penetrate through the middle or finding the open run.
  10. Against Leeds and Brighton the team was hanging on, WBA was a no show. The rotation in defence has been on-point more or less but the attacking trio in games seems to be a game of roulette so far and that has contributed to the lack of goals and dropped points in the league.
  11. Back for Fulham at the earliest.
  12. Yeah without Kovacic we are genuinely finished. Kante has his own fitness issues and didn’t like Mount in the holding role
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/COAl7kvAmPX/
  14. -------------- Mendy ---- ----Azpilicueta--Thiago Silva--Rudiger --James---Jorginho----Kante--- Chilwell ------- Mount--------Pulisic ---------------Werner-------- Alfredo Di Stefano .
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