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Live streaming sites and ads

Started by cosmicway,

This is an age old internet mystery I 'm trying to solve and maybe some of you can illuminate.
Why the pop-up ads ?
I mean if you try to open one of those sites the following thing happens.
First you have to click a link, such as "fixtures list" or "today's matches", but it won't open. Instead it opens a new window with some other site (betting-adult-tv game etc).
You close that and in the next attempt the "fixtures list" does open, but now if you click on the match you want the same thing happens: One or two windows and it usually lets you in at the third attempt,
The same story when you have to choose a stream from the various streams offered and in the final stage, when the video screen appears, some more windows when you press the arrow on the video !
In the end you see the match, but what's the point of all this ???
The webmaster has to make money -I understand that- so he uses in his website whatever code the advertisers give him.
But it is the advertising companies I 'm talking about, not the webmasters.
Why not show me all their ads as stable images on the video page and get over with it ?
If I see the ad of the tv game for example in a stable image, there is a chance I will visit the site during half time.
But with the way it works, no chance I will - no time either. They are passing no message to me.

Do they believe in the theory of "subliminal cuts" ?
But this theory has been declared a hoax decades ago.
So why are they doing it ?

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