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Started by Unionjack,

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There isn't actually a flight to London from Naples for the next 5 hours, altough there were earlier flights to London. Have fun stalking ;P

10:10 11:23 Departed


London (LGW)U28532 (A320)


10:30 11:32 Departed


London (LTN)U22416 (A319)


11:10 Scheduled*


London (STN)FR1833 (73H)
11:15 Scheduled*
London (LGW)BA2607 (319)

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I actually thought it was more likely people would be searching for Sarri in airports etc.  No sign..... yet

Private jet do exist, please he took the back door

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It's always so hilarious that once a player makes a choice the opposite fans *cough bluemoon* think that player is sh*t all of the sudden and wasn't worth it. (If he actually signs :P)

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