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The Badminton Thread

Started by RoyalBlues,

Hello to all badminton lovers out there :)

A place to talk all about Badminton here.

I follow every superseries and superseries premier tournament. Well, since most of the members here are from England and Europe. I will start from there.

Wait, anyone follow it like I do? :ph34r:

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The most recognized badminton player from England nowadays are of course Chris and Gabrielle Adcock in mixed double. In man single, there is Rajiv Ouseph who is doing fine several months ago, but unfortunately his form going down since then. Also there is an Irish badminton player, Scott Evans, who bosses in almost every European tournaments in man single.

Spain have the queen in woman single, Carolina Marin who will be the next big thing. Recently, she just win the World Championship. Still young, beautiful, and technically very good. Her future is very bright.

Germany have mixed double, Michael Fuchs and Birgit Michels and woman single, Juliane Schenk. Russia have a MD, Vladimir Ivanov and Ivan Sozonov ( he is looks like Brana a little bit :ph34r: ). France have Brice Leverdez.

And also I couldn't missed to mention about Denmark. Jan O Jorgensen, Viktor Axelsen, Mathias Boe, Carsten Mogensen, Kamilla Juhl, Christina Pedersen and so on.

Jump from Europe, landed in Australia, if you are Australian or live in there, but doesn't know about Gronya Somerville, shame on you! Just kidding, lol.

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