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Nemanja Matic

Started by DavidEU,

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the best team about this transfer is how fans from others fans are already crapping their pants because they know we're fixing one of our biggest vulnerabilities. We are where we are with two big deficiencies in our squad (in addition to the transition and maturity issues that come along). now the team is gelling up, growing, maturing and settling to the new system and in addition to that we're fixing one of the big problems we had. Some of those teams don't even need Matic, but they'd want him just so we wouldn't have him and take yet another step into making this team one of the best.

Or a step to world domination :ph34r:

and here I thought waking up at 2pm Brazil's time (4pm England) I'd see him already in the players database board :(

We're getting closer and closer to the team of 04/05 to dominate the EPL once again! :blue scalf:

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I M SO HAPPY... for 2 reason

1.we signed matic and he will wear the 21 jersey.

2. him wearing the no.21 would mean NO MARIN in the future.


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